Cool Cars At A Reasonably Priced Bar – Part 2

Carrying on my series of “Cool Cars at a Reasonably Priced Bar” I spotted this beauty just barely poking out from the side street opposite my beer perch…

It was a bit of a stretch to identify (and photograph) from where I was sitting so I quickly drained my brew and hopped off my stool to go stop traffic in an effort to get a better look (and good thing I acted quickly, as the owner tore-ass outta there not 3 minutes after I snapped these.) 


Looks like what we have here is a nicely-appointed (and correct me if I am wrong) 68 Plymouth Belvedere.  I don’t always dig the matte black but I think it looks great on this car.  I like the wheels too, subtle but they mean business.

I am kicking myself for not getting a better shot of the engine.  A quick Google search on the window sticker revealed a local band.  Probably have to check those guys out in the near future.

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