So that was fun!

The comment system I deployed allowed people into the backend of the site. I appreciate those of you who reached out and let me know. Thankfully, we flipped the switch on a low traffic day and I can’t see any torn guibos on the inside. Additionally, when someone logged in with an account to comment, be it WordPress, Twitter, Google, or Facebook, the system was creating new Users on the back end. And giving them Editor status to boot.

So… I’m sure this is a nice comment system but I’m clearly not certified to get it cranking over correctly. I’m going to run the default WP comment system for the time being while I hunt down a proper replacement. Or just pay someone to get this other system working properly, because it sounded promising (and I paid for a bunch of the extra features, which I didn’t even get to yet because fuck me, right?).

So… stand by for now, but please dive into the standard-ass regular-looking WordPress comment system. It works for now. My apologies and have a good weekend everybody!