Comment System Update: We’re working on it…

So that was fun!

The comment system I deployed allowed people into the backend of the site. I appreciate those of you who reached out and let me know. Thankfully, we flipped the switch on a low traffic day and I can’t see any torn guibos on the inside. Additionally, when someone logged in with an account to comment, be it WordPress, Twitter, Google, or Facebook, the system was creating new Users on the back end. And giving them Editor status to boot.

So… I’m sure this is a nice comment system but I’m clearly not certified to get it cranking over correctly. I’m going to run the default WP comment system for the time being while I hunt down a proper replacement. Or just pay someone to get this other system working properly, because it sounded promising (and I paid for a bunch of the extra features, which I didn’t even get to yet because fuck me, right?).

So… stand by for now, but please dive into the standard-ass regular-looking WordPress comment system. It works for now. My apologies and have a good weekend everybody!


  1. After listening to the great podcast the other day, I was half expecting you’d get yourself fired…from your own blooger site. 😛 Good luck, and my first glance at the commenting setup was promising. Simple, clean…almighty.

    1. I’m still befuddled as to what constitutes an “account” and where to sign up for one. I did a little research on WPDiscuz and it turns out that the ‘login’ link that leads to absolutely no option to register an account is actually exactly how the system is supposed to work.
      “wpDiscuz doesn’t have registration functionality, you need to use some additional registration plugin or enable wpDiscuz social login. ”

      It makes about as much sense as anything else in the past year that there’s a commenting software that can’t allow you to become a commenter unless you already have a commenting account that they won’t tell you how to get.

      I’ll be filling out my Form 27B/6

      1. You have no idea how sanity-restoring your comment is to me. At work, I very often have to help a bunch of digitalization-naysayers to do often the same stuff over and over again. 2020 has helped a bit to accelerate the acceptance that computers have come to stay, with chopped office times.

        But, now, I sure felt like a total fool not finding a proper way to registrate. Read some of the stuff you refer to, logging in via the big companies, yet I thought such a blatant data grab is very un-2021 (that said, Disqus had its planned leaks, too).

        I am confident that this will work out just fine, but it is an eye-opener of sorts.

  2. I think it means that it doesn’t implement a proprietary registration system, it allows people to use their existing FB, Twitter, Google or accounts to log in here.

    So, presumably, if you don’t have one of those, you’ll have to create one at their respective websites first.

    1. I tried to get a WordPress account, but recent forensics reveal that I had followed a link to the wordpress-dot-org website and not the -dot-com site. The -dot-org site puts you through a couple hoops before you get to the ‘create account’ page.

      At any rate, I had noticed the WPDiscuz ‘social login’ supported Disqus and figured after the smoke cleared I’d be able to just use the existing Batshitox account to log in.

      Which still may happen, it’s wide open at this point. I’m just a commenter sitting in a bath in a box.

  3. Thanks for opening things back up. I couldn’t log in as mentioned I could find a log in screen but no way to register for this sight

  4. I think I nearly signed up to be an editor, but stopped short. Of course, as it sits now, I could be MDHarrell pretending to be neight428.

    1. I used my temporary powers as editor on Friday evening to send Jeff a couple of emails alerting him to the problem, then went to bed. It was a brief but pleasant career from my perspective. I should probably add it to my CV.

  5. I’ve got to say that the current iteration of comment system is one chubby mess. Just two short one liner comments take up my PC screen; on mobile, I can’t tell who replied to what, the buttons are ridiculously oversized, and once you have commented, there’s a “recommendation” for other threads that blocks >half the screen. The “vote and share”-line takes up way too much space, too. The first almighty setup might not have worked technically, but it looked wonderful and appeared to be efficient.

    1. Also, this:

      Thank you, Sjalabais ! Your comment has been submitted for this post. If at any point in time you want to make changes or delete your comment, contact us.

      It appears without any contact info. This surely is just a temporary fix, but it goes to show that pretty bad comment systems continue to exist. Still better than Kinja, I guess, though… 😛

  6. It’s giubo (not guibo) by the way. Sorry, but after owning two 80s-era BMWs, correcting that common misspelling is almost second nature.

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