Comic-Con 2013: Mad Max machine makes me merry


The Mad Max Interceptor remains one of my favorite cars ever to grace this planet. I don’t have a very good reason for that fact, other than it tickles a part of my brain that started getting giddy over cars when I was a young man. It continues to tickle my brain to this day. So you could imagine my surprise/amazement/excitement/lunacy when I arrived at my designated parking spot to get my Comic-Con badges and happened upon the above lovely beast.


This car is a U.S. resident that lives in San Diego after spending a lifetime in Australia. It’s a 1975 Ford Falcon XB GT, and it’s legit with its right-hand drive setup, deep black paint, and bulging blower. The original movie car may have been a 1973, but that car didn’t have a working supercharger. This one?

It spins, howls, and works. That Cleveland 351 under the hood benefits from its inclusion… and so does the world.




The owner brought the car to Comic-Con as a show piece to highlight the upcoming Mad Max video game. Con attendees can sit in the car, which is parked in front of a green screen, and have their photos taken.

I am going a step further. I have the appropriate contact information, and I promise you I will find a way to finagle some seat time in this burly beast. It’s practically my destiny.



For now though, let’s just look at these photos and think about taking down The Toecutter and his gang.


Images copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Jeff Glucker 


  1. There's a post-apocalyptic version in Texas. He's been at a few shows but I've not seen him lately. I have a few pics somewhere.

  2. It seems much bigger than what it looked like in Mad Max. I've never seen an XB up close, but my impression was that they were a Maverick sized thing. Probably I was watching a crappy video on a square TV screen and everything was squashed. Also the MFP cruisers were 4 door and the Interceptor was a 2 door, which kinda present differently.
    <img src="; width=500>

    1. I have an XB here in the US ( I can tell you this, it is a big car. Wide and long. Trunk is a three dead hooker size. Plenty of rear seat leg room. Pretty mcuh cannot reach the passenger door from the drivers side. No power windows means a little extra work to roll down the passenger window.
      I think the car above used to be owned by a guy named Paul MIller. It is a really well done replica and sounds awesome.
      XB owners here in the US are a pretty close group. Whenever we see one, pretty easy to know who owns it.

      1. How's yours running Brendan? Will is still set off Oakland's gun shot detection system? We should find out at next month's final Seconds Saturday. 🙂

        1. Running much better! Turned out to be a bum distributor. Nearly tore the whole top end apart until a friend suggested putting the old one on. Been driving it quite a bit these last few weeks.
          May have my other Aussie car for the next Seconds Saturday, the 1971 Holden HQ GTS Coupe. The XB is likely getting a new owner. Trying to pare down and simplify. I'll get both there if I can.

          1. red & blue in the same garage? sacrilege! sacre bleu!
            Are you going to update the collection with a Nissin and an arebus Motorsport AMG E65?
            (got to pronounce it right & say the whole name, right, Brenno?)

          2. When I lived in OZ, everyone called me B Man.
            The other cars I have will add even more confusion. I think I have a problem.
            1991 Porsche 928
            1967 Camaro SS 396 (owned since 1986)
            1970 Chevelle SS 396 (was my Mother's. I am currently restoring)
            Nearly finalized a deal for a Delorean.

      2. I love your car 🙂
        Serious question, where is a good source for finding Aussie Falcons in the US? I have lusted after one for quite a long time, and I finally have the means to do something about it. I would probably be after a project car, since I want to mod it fairly heavily, so if there is someone bringing them in as rebuilders that's what I'd be after. All I need is a reasonably straight body and a title.

        1. There are a few floating around that are more in "project" state. Have not heard much regarding them recently. The best place to start is the Yahoo group "AustralianFordFalconClub". Most members are in the US and have resources to other owners. You can also contract the guys at I know they had a couple a while back.
          Also, Cameron at is another resource. He is an easy guy to work with.

    2. Aussie Falcon is a Torino-sized thing, and I even think it was related to Torino somehow – which is supported by the fact that cheap-ass Torino with B-pillars was called Falcon in the US for 1970.

  3. Does anyone know who/what company made the bug-catcher on this?? I love the shape of it and want one…

  4. Do you have an e-mail I need to get in contact with you, I am part of a club with Star Cars in San Diego, would like to get in contact with you and the owner of the Mad Max Vehicle

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