Colour Your Classic Car – The Coloring Book You Want!

Those of us who have kids are likely to be overwhelmed with coloring books at home. And really, coloring books are great – they keep little kids occupied while teaching them basic artistic skills. But if you’re like me it’s likely that you found something wrong with most kids’ coloring books. If the book features cars, planes, construction equipment, the kind of stuff that a techy parent is likely to care about, it’s likely that there is something wrong with it. It’s either the size, the anonymity of the portrayed vehicle, or just clear technical mistakes. Sometimes those are intentional and sometimes they are not, but always disappointing. 
Colour Your Classic Car, by Francois Rousse, is different. Not only does it feature 62 classic, or relatively modern classic, cars that are technically correct, it also features period correct settings for each vehicle. Check out more images after the jump. 

The 128-page book is being marketed “for adults” which makes period correct PG-13 settings fine. Each vehicle also gets a brief description on the opposite page. The book is printed on high-quality thick paper and special glue binding allows for cutting out of your completed drawing and possibly framing it. 

Because it is a European book, as evidenced by the word “colour”, it features mostly Europeans cars. Those include Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Austin-Healey, BMW, Citroen, DeLorean, Fiat, Ford, Hillman, Jaguar, Lotus, Matra, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Saab, Simca, Volvo, VW, and many others. 

The book is published by Delius Klasing and has been available since December 26, 2016. ISBN is 9783667108357 and it is currently available on Amazon for under five bucks!

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11 responses to “Colour Your Classic Car – The Coloring Book You Want!”

  1. Alff Avatar

    That Alfetta GTV appears to have bald tires and rust-through on the rear fender lip. Such a lifelike drawing!

    1. 0A5599 Avatar

      How do they get bald tires? I thought the natural states were flat spots or up on blocks.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Look, big spender, not everyone has deep enough pockets to leave good tires on their Alfa while parking it on blocks. Presumably the bald tires were swapped from something British.

    1. crank_case Avatar

      The Volvo is too sophisticated adult, you need to give them something more spaceship wedgey with pop up headlights

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Haha, wasn’t it a Lotus that occupied your daydreams lately? 🙂 That drawing though is very nice.

        1. crank_case Avatar

          The Lotus was more a “thing I came across while browsing”, the MR2 is something I’ve wanted since I was about 9 years old. Had two “project” car ones, but ended up selling both due to one being a basket case, the other due to time/circumstance. Everything lining up when a good non-project AW11 comes up for sale just seems to constantly elude me.

  2. P161911 Avatar

    So much for giving it to my 5 year old or even doing Daddy daughter coloring together. Don’t really want to have to explain the “adult” situations right now.

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      You mean “period correct settings”!

    2. outback_ute Avatar

      Just tell her she has to draw the clothes herself?