Classic Cars International, Antique Auto Museum of Utah… part 2

Having lived in Utah for 11 years it’s a little sad that I have never heard of this place before now. Sadder yet is the fact that I have visited the industrial cleaning supply store half a block down on at least 3 occasions and FAILED TO NOTICE an effin Studebaker perched on the roof of the damned museum 100 yards down the block. Jo Schmo FAIL for sure. Better late than never I suppose… Anywho, what counts is that I did find it. Click on through to see what I saw. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Walking in the front door, you are greeted lots of neat vintage car-related memorabilia, an original Wurlitzer (for sale btw), a V8 Allard and a freakin Cord!  Cool!
After paying the miniscule 6$ entry fee, the doors were opened to peepshow.  
And apologies for some of the photos as the warehouse was PACKED and good, clean photo opportunities were few and far between. They were really crammed in there. Several cars were on lifts above other cars. Still, I was blown away by variety of classics on-hand.

Here is the answer to the bonus quiz from Part 1.

[nggallery id=53]
And in case you missed it, here is part 1.
A full inventory can be found here and most of the cars are for sale for those with deep pockets.
Classic Cars Intl.
Museum & Sales
355 West 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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9 responses to “Classic Cars International, Antique Auto Museum of Utah… part 2”

  1. muthalovin Avatar

    Hawt. I was going to ask where this was, and am glad you provided the info. Next time I am SLC, I will visit.
    Anyone know what color option this was?
    <img src=""&gt;

  2. longrooffan Avatar

    Jo: Thanks for sharing. Who would have thunk offerings of this quality in Salt Lake City? No offense intended.
    But I'll bet your son was totally jonesing over that Moss Midget!!

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    I used to work in the same industrial neighborhood (and party there, too. The Speedway Cafe punk venue was a block away and so is the infamous Golden Trails strip joint), and of course saw the Studebaker on the roof, but when I left Utah, this museum wasn't open yet. I heard rumors of the neato cars inside there, but it wasn't open to the public at the time. So, this is what is in there. So very cool. Whenever I go back to SLC to visit my old haunts and catch up with my cronies there I will visit this wonderful place. And, longrooffan, you'd be surprised at the variety of old vehicles in Utah, mostly still being driven. Nothing like Southern Arizona where nothing rusts, but there are plenty of classic vehicles to be seen in Utah. Hell, that's where I bought both my F100 and motorhome.

  4. Saturnsufferer Avatar

    Panama yellow I think

  5. P161911 Avatar

    So was the Allard a kit car? The 1983 date is off by about 30 years if it wasn't. I would love to do an Allard kit car, all the performance of a Cobra kit without the "me too".

    1. RetroRCR Avatar

      I also would do a Allard kit over a Cobra. Though, if I had a chance to pick up an original Cobra or an AC MkIV with a Cleveland, I'd take it:)

  6. Impalamino Avatar

    1) "Massive Finned Monster" in the remarks section of the '59 Cad. A little humor never hurt a museum.
    2) Both Edsels look great. The Ranger convertible in turquoise over white is stunning, and the Villager wagon looks classy. What always stands out to me regarding Edsels is that they are just massive in person. Truly imposing cars.
    3) That Deusenberg, if authentic, has got to be worth a fortune.
    4) The coffin-nose Cord looks incredible in dark green.
    5) I wish there were more "museums" like this. It has kind of a flea-market/private collection feel to it, and that appeals to me far more than a formal museum. Not to say that places like the Henry Ford aren't incredible, I just enjoy places like this that seem a lot less 'curated'.
    6) Great slideshow. Thanks, Mr. Schmo!

  7. lilwillie Avatar

    Ahhhhhh, a pair of Edsels. I'm spent…
    The Chrome in those pictures is just awesome. I miss what can be done with body lines when you add Chrome.

  8. Susan Potter Colver Avatar
    Susan Potter Colver

    ATTENTION WILLIAMS FAMILY: I am Wally Potter's daughter, Susan. He recently passed away in Texas. My son, Patrick, who came to see your classic cars the last time my Dad was in Salt Lake City, is getting married on April 26, 2012. He has always been an avid Mopar fanatic. I am looking for a Challenger from the late 60/70's for him to use for his engagement pictures. Would you have a 426 Hemi that we might rent?