Classic Captions – The 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber Edition

Welcome to the Hooniverse Classic Captions Post, and it’s that time of the week in which this feature appears, so let’s review the premise; I search for images that were used by the car companies in their print advertising, dealer displays or brochures, and it is your job to provide a humorous caption that is some how tied in with the image. This week we have an image of <1>a Maverick in Action, but we will get to that in a moment… But first, with our commenting system that has gone awry, I am expecting participation levels to be way off… So please be patient and have fun with this feature anyway.
Last time we had an image of a Couple of Love Bugs , and the participation rate was awful, even before the problems with the commenting system, so let’s review last week’s entries. Our runner up comment was from $kaycog, and she used a current book title to make fun of the colorful beetles: “Fifty Shades of Grey” is child’s play for Dick and Jane.” I really have no idea how popular that book really is, or the Movie for that matter, but it was a funny comment…
But the winner for this week is Batshitbox (Yes, once again) and his caption went like this: “VW knew that kisses were horizontally opposed, air cooled, and best at low speeds.” That was very well played, so congratulations Batshitbox on winning this weeks Classic Caption Contest.
It’s now time to take a look at this weeks entry, and once again I dive into the Flickr Account of coconv. This ad is for the 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber (one of my Obscure Muscle Cars…) The image shows a beautiful young couple in Scuba Gear standing next to a lake or the shore. I have no idea as to what the advertising department was going for with this particular image, but the tag line (that I kept in the picture on purpose) states “and a little more jazz”. While I like the 1970’s imagery, and use it quite often here on the Classic Caption Postings, I’m still stumped as to what this is suppose to say to potential customers. Was it Young and Hip? Was it daring? Was it just lame? Why don’t you try and come up with a great tag line of your own, and see if you can make sense of this ad image. (You can see a larger image by clicking here)
You have the next five days to come up with a great caption. The editors will deliberate on the merits of each entry, and after contemplating our own caption, and we will pronounce a winner. So, get to work and create you’re own caption for this very puzzling image.
Photo Credit: Coconv Flickr Photostream

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