Citroën Rendezvous Preview: Peugeot 505 STX

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The annual Citroen Rendezvous isn’t all about Citroens, as every year a number of other French cars make an appearance, most of them from Poozhoe Province. And last year showgoers were treated to a bumper crop of Peugeots, which included the 604, 504, and 406 cars. While we’re all used to 505 sedans, at least those of us living in regions where they were actually sold until they all sort of melted/shorted out, we’re probably not used to seeing them in club concours condition, which is what this lovely 505 STX example from Quebec happened to be in.

Even though this 505 wears European glasses, the STX was actually a US-market trim level, which was available only from 1987 till 1989. In the US the 505 was offered in a bunch of trim levels that the rest of the world didn’t receive, as well as a truncated choice of engines. The STX trim featured the 2.8 liter V6, straight out of the automotive hit parade powered by the much maligned PRV engine. Yes, that V6.

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Things weren’t all that bad, as the STX appears to be one of the best-represented trim levels to have survived on our roads into the 21st century. Perhaps that had something to do with the timing of 505 sales, which seemed to hit a high point just when the STX appeared in 1987. This was a rather plush trim level for the 505, just below the GLX which is nowhere to be found, and comparable to similarly equipped Volvos of the time.

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This example appeared to be excellent condition when it appeared at the 2012 edition of the Citroen Rendezvous, just outside Saratoga Springs, NY. The fact that it lives in Quebec perhaps makes it a fair weather classic, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m uncertain as to just what kinds of modifications the Canadian-market 505s came with, as most of the ones I have seen were cars that were originally sold in America. A number of people I spoke to regarding Canadian-market 505s indicated that the cars were identical to US-spec models, and photographic evidence of remaining Peugeots in Canada seems to confirm this, at least as it concerns headlights and bumpers. And despite what one might think about Peugeot’s popularity in Quebec, some first-hand reports suggest that their numbers there were seemingly on par with elsewhere in Canada (which means there weren’t that many really).

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Despite what you might expect, Quebec was not exactly a hot spot for French machinery during the 1970s and 1980s. In fact, there were just a handful of Peugeot dealers in eastern Canada. Most of the cars they sold have since disappeared, as the Acadian climate is not particularly appreciative of older European sedans. In fact, it’s a minor miracle just to find a Volvo of similar vintage in Quebec, which seems to be filled almost exclusively with late model Japanese econoboxes. So the 505 is perhaps an even more exotic find on the streets of Montreal than on the streets of New York. Though, having said that, last time I was in Montreal I was almost run over by a later-model Peugeot 306 hatch. But that’s a story for another time.

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So dig out that beret you bought at a gift shop in Paris, and make plans for Citroen Rendezvous today.

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See the full gallery from Citroen Rendezvous 2012 below:

[Images: Copyright 2013 Hooniverse/Jay Ramey]

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15 responses to “Citroën Rendezvous Preview: Peugeot 505 STX”

  1. Kris_01 Avatar

    FYI – the word "Acadian" does not refer to Quebec. It refers to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (and to a lesser extent, Prince Edward Island), more specifically, that part of Atlantic Canada where the French culture lingers heavier than the English.

    1. Jay_Ramey Avatar

      I didn't mean to equate it to QC, just those three provinces actually. But I see how it can be read that way, sorry.
      I'm not a stranger around those parts actually, though I haven't been to NL or PEI yet. Just waiting for the right winter : )

      1. Kris_01 Avatar

        No offense taken! Just a clarification from an interested New Brunswicker.

    2. duurtlang_ Avatar

      I misread that as Acadiane, which given the Citroën topic would make some sense.
      <img src="; width="600">

  2. PeterE Avatar

    Woa! Where'd the 406 come from?

    1. Rover1 Avatar

      CAR magazine described the 406 Coupe as having " the looks of a Ferrari draped over the mechanics of the best midsize saloon and -actually what's wrong with that ?"
      More pictures of the red 406 please. | -)

      1. Jay_Ramey Avatar

        Hehe, okay, just gimme a few days, it'll be in the final Carlisle preview just before the event itself, which is next weekend in Carlisle, Penna. That article will be posted sometime late next week.
        Yup, Pininfarina-designed, and quite a departure from the relatively staid-looking sedan and wagon. There cannot possibly be a better color for this car than this. If it was refrigerator white – people wouldn't even notice it.
        This car appeared in a small photo in last year's Aug(?) issue of Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car, recapping Carlisle Import Nationals appearances. Before that it was seen at Citroen Rendezvous 2009.

      2. duurtlang_ Avatar

        As someone who's uses a 406 coupe as a daily driver I couldn't agree more with CAR magazine. It drives and handles like a dream, a true GT. It's even cheap to run as long as you don't break coupe specific parts (bumpers). I don't really understand why they're as cheap as they are.
        The 406 coupe was designed (and built) by the same company (Pininfarina) at the same time as the Ferrari 456, which has similar lines. It obviously doesn't sound/feel/drive as a Ferrari though.

  3. Stu_Rock Avatar

    As you know, I've picked up a fair amount of 505 trivia in the 2.5 years that I've owned one. But one thing that I still can't keep straight is all those damn trim levels: STX, GL, GTD, DL, STI, VD, etc.
    I can't even remember which one I own unless I go outside and look at the trunk.

    1. Jay_Ramey Avatar

      Haha, yeah, they were quite prolific with those. Some barely even stood for anything meaningful, but there are definitely a few, like the GLX for instance, that I have never seen on stateside examples. Others I've seen only once, like a Liberte, but that was a 1-year only.

  4. Bren Avatar

    Where are 'les Renaults' in all this , especially my favourite R4 fourgonnette van
    I bought many of these for 2 figure sums at auction from my national post/telephone company… , .
    to this !
    cops also used them !!

    1. Jay_Ramey Avatar

      There was only 1 Renault last year, a Fuego, which is about as many as Rendezvous ever attracts. I'd like to see some more, but they're just not that plentiful and they largely only go to Carlisle.

    2. duurtlang_ Avatar

      It's a Citroën gathering. <40 year old Peugeots at a Citroën gathering make sense, it's like a Dodge showing up at a Chrysler gathering. But Renault only shares the country of origin, not much more. Like a Chevrolet at a Chrysler gathering.

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  6. m4ff3w Avatar

    I really want a 505 Turbo.

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