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Seeing one Citroen running healthy in the wild is a rare and exciting occurrence so what are the odds of seeing two perfectly health French sex machines in your local grocery store parking lot? If you live in California like reader dwegmull then it is probably better than most but still quite rare and exciting. Clicky the button to read his account of stumbling across these prime examples of one of our favorite makes, and for a few more pictures as well.

I recently finished reading the excellent “Citroen DS the complete story” by Jon Pressnell and was trying to explain my attraction to these cars to my non-hoon, Corolla driving, girlfriend. Yesterday morning, as we walked out of the grocery store we stumbled upon a red DS21. While pointing it out to her, I noticed the back of a 2CV parked a few spots away! At that point, the the camera phone was out of the pocket. I managed to take the few pictures linked below before the 2CV and the DS drove away. I did manage to speak with the DS owner who apparently did not know the 2CV owner and confirmed that his car is very reliable thanks to good maintenance.
I hope this story and the linked images are good enough for sharing with the rest of the Hooniverse.

Yes I know these vehicles were not seen in traffic but so what… they had to drive in traffic to get to this parking lot, and seeing as they were caught in California they definitely hit traffic when they left the lot.
Thanks for sending the photos in dwegmull!.


    1. Actually it was Piazza Fine Foods which sells, among other things, quality cheeses and baguette bread…

      1. Why white flags? I mean, unless they're running rallycrosses, Citroens don't really see anything other than checkered flags.

  1. Effing amazing. I've never seen anything even remotely French on the streets of Fort Worth. EVER. Actually, I must take that back, I think I recall an '80s Peugeot wagon at a Target once, but that's it. Seeing two at one time (not at a car show or some such event) is just cool. The DS is beautiful.

  2. These cars are tres weird. Seeing them in a regular parking lot next to normal cars makes them look even stranger. Like somebody dropped a frog onto your order of chicken nuggets.

  3. Wow, I haven't seen a real-life DS or 2CV in ages. The DS looks great, and the 2CV does, too. I wonder if the two owners exchanged phone numbers afterward? Surely there must be an owners club there. The only French car I see nowadays is the occasional Peugeot 505 or 405.

    1. While I was chatting with the DS owner, the 2CV owner got in and drove off without even a look for the DS…

  4. Nice.
    I was oddly looked at yesterday at Easter lunch at my in-laws. I was lounging on the couch watching "The Last Boy Scout" and just blutered out. "Corvette…..Citroen….Jaguar…." Everyone looked at me like I was fraking nuts. I just shrugged my shoulders and said "hey, those are the three cars in that scene…sorry….
    Even after all these years they still can't figure out my passion for all things cars. My wife thankfully came to my defense and said "at least he didn't start babbling years, engines and options they have". I blame my love for Citroen on you Hoon's, in the past I never looked at them like I do now.

  5. If I were dwegmull, I would have headed straight to the casino only stopping to pick up a lottery ticket. Seeing two classic Citroens in the same lot is my definition of lucky!
    I wonder if the DS21 owner looked down on the 2CV owner as being beneath him, what with his economy car and all.

    1. His reaction, after catching me taking pictures of his car was: "there's a 2CV over there." He did not show any interest in it at all. I felt like I was back in France 20 years ago when nobody would give a second look at a 2CV even if it were painted pink with green polka dots!

  6. I saw a beater DS wagon at Auto Zone one time. Like oxidized blue paint, a couple of bondo/primer repairs, miscellaneous crap in the back…basically like any other beater station wagon.
    There were probably 5 people in the store, but there was no question who the Citroen owner was. I believe he was buying fluid for the hydraulic system.

  7. Where in CA is this? If it NorCal I am surprised that have not yet become customers/friends of my Dad. Currently he "only" has 3 customer's DS's, 2 Tractions, his own DS wagon (repaint job) and his DS sedan (260,000 mi. DD), oh and some "normal cars" Japan, Germany and Merkia to even things out. One of his painters has been "infected" by the DS bug and has the pearl one with the grey top in the photo in the link

    1. Installed correctly they point up. 🙂
      Installed incorrectly they point down. 🙁
      *gets annoyed as hell to see incorrectly placed double chevrons on DSs.

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