Chrysler Turbo-Encabulator Breaks New Technological Grounds

Our good friend TechieInHell, who created the Hooniverse logo above with me, directed us towards a series of Chrysler videos. Proving that Techie is, actually, useful for something other than menial labour and general abuse absorption, these videos from 1988 were sent out to help in training their technicians in servicing and maintaining their new, crudely-developed Turbo-Encabulators.
For those unaware, the Turbo-Encabulator has been a running joke within the realm of technologists, historians and engineers since the 1940s. There have been many articles written, and many parodies made, but none quite as good as this. Not a phrase that has ever been spoken about a Chrysler product before; perhaps they should focus their efforts on making training videos?

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