Chris Forsberg goes for a Sunday drive… in one of his Nissan 370Z drift cars

Chris Forsberg can rip. The dude shreds tires when he’s behind the wheel of, well, anything. Recently, he and the Motor Trend film crew got to shut down a stretch of Decker Canyon in Malibu. Forsberg brought one of his drift cars. The Motor Trend team brought cameras. And many an energy drink was consumed that day.

It’s a quick video, but it’s fun to watch someone with serious car control tackle a mountain road. Equally entertaining is the bit of behind the scenes footage that immediately follows. The camera car is a blacked-out Subaru WRX with a wickedly expensive rig. And it pays off because the driving shots are excellent.

Here’s a lit bit of entertainment for you on this Thursday afternoon.

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2 responses to “Chris Forsberg goes for a Sunday drive… in one of his Nissan 370Z drift cars”

  1. Malaclypse Avatar

    And in case anyone still debated the “faster, grip or drift?” question…note the blacked out subaru with a camera hanging off the ass calmly driving through the set of corners.

  2. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    Decker Canyon Road is the start of all my weekend morning Malibu jaunts! good pavement, minimal traffic, tight corners. lots of g’s without lots of speed. it’s a hidden treasure.

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