Chevy Enthusiast via Hooniverse: The Chevy Cameo Carrier

There was a time in which the Pickup Truck and the Passenger Car were nearly the same, sharing their chassis, drivetrain, interiors, even their forward sheetmetal. However, during the 30’s and early 40’s, the Passenger Car and the Pickup Truck became increasingly divergent, with Cars stressing style and comfort, while Trucks stressed simplicity and utility. Style took a back seat to durability when it came to the American Pickup Truck, and this didn’t change much until just after the end of World War II. Read more after the jump…. The convergence of the Pickup Truck and the Passenger car started during the booming years of the mid 50’s. It was one Chuck Jordan, who later rose to become head of Chevrolet Styling, that started drawing stylized pickup trucks when he returned to GM after his stint in the U.S. Air Force. The design for a stylish, top of the line truck met little resistance from corporate management. With a few changes suggested by engineering, a new type of Pickup Truck emerged from GM called the Chevrolet Cameo Pickup. Read more about this fascinating vehicle in Chevy Enthusiast Magazine. Good news! You no longer need to have a registered e-mail address to read the issue, so why not take your time, and read the entire issue!

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