Chevrorsche 924 Proves American Ingenuity Isn't Dead – It Just Needs a New Hobby

Hey Ma, I done builded you a porsh 928!
Hey Ma, I done builded you a porsh 928!
Let’s say you’ve got a lot of Chevy parts laying around, as well as a funny furrin car that you can’t find parts for at Midwest Auto Parts, but that the girls all seem to like. Let’s also imagine you know which end of the wrench to hold, but not necessarily which end of the car in which to put the radiator. What’s a fella’ to do? Offered up on eBay, this ’78 924 has had its Audi motor ripped out and replaced by an SBC. That’s not all that strange, and in fact it’s a relatively common conversion for the later 944. A thing that makes you go huh? is that while most v8 conversions manage to stuff both engine and cooling system up front, this builder couldn’t find room under the hood for the radiator, and that’s despite using an electric water pump. Instead, this Porsche’s underside looks more like a Por-spa with copper pipe wending its way back to a rear-mounted radiator, necessitating some Ferrari Tesstarossa-grade grilling back there. To keep things simple, the 924’s transaxle and IRS has joined the 2.0 engine in the scrap heap, and in their place is a TH350 and a live axle out of. . . oh let’s just say some sort of Camaro. All that drivetrain shenanigans wouldn’t be worth a hoot in a haller if the Porsche still had the same old cracked dash and tired interior, so this car sports a custom instrument panel and some seats out of . . . oh let’s just say some sort of Camaro. Who would make a dash like that? Plywood, that’s all I can guess, but the matching glovebox door is a nice touch. What does this custom chariot cost you ask? Well the seller has set the Buy It Now at $4,500. Now, it’s conceivable that you could replicate this car for that – depending on the going price for copper pipe – but the question is, would you want to? If your goal is to offend the members of your local Porsche club, then you couldn’t do better if you individually crapped in each of their cars, but then again, it’s hard to say. Check out while it lasts on eBay.

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