Charging better at home: The Lectron V-Box

I’ve already got the right outlet, so I needed to add the right charging station. Thankfully, the good folks at Lectron shot me a note asking if I wanted to test their V-Box 48amp Charging Station. The answer is yes, and here is how that’s gone so far.

Here’s the Lectron Charger for sale on Amazon:

Here’s a link to the charger on Lectron’s website:

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One response to “Charging better at home: The Lectron V-Box”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    This is looking good! We’re still charging the Leaf on a normal Euro 250V Schuko outlet. Our property is designed in the 60s and…everything’s wrong with it. There’s no space to charge an EV during winter, because of our steep, technically avalanche-risky driveway (everything above 30 degrees is avoided by mountaineers; that should include our driveway). As it happens, this was the main reason we didn’t yeet the Hyundai for a proper EV last fall.

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