Cars and Coffee: 1934 Ford Victoria V12

IMG_4764 This is the second story written by my not-so-little-anymore nephew Matt. He loves cars as much as any of us and likes to report on the truly rare or unusual he sees at C&C. -KK Katie’s Cars and Coffee in Great Falls, Virginia experiences an extreme array of cars. Form Bugatti Veyrons to Ferrari F40s to an original Stanley Steamer – Katie’s has it all. However, the most fascinating vehicle, to me, that has shown up recently was this 1934 Ford Victoria hot rod. While Hot Rods are dime-a-dozen, this Ford was a bit special as had a V12 Falconer aircraft engine under the hood! IMG_4754 The beast was built by legendary hot rod designer Steve Moal, of Moal Coachbuilders in Oakland, California. It was even featured in the October 2013 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. Moal went a step beyond in building the aircraft-inspired hot rod by putting an actual aircraft engine in it. The engine he used was a V12 that was originally made to replace the Allison engine on the P51. Moal sent the engine to the famed engine builder Ryan Falconer, who modified the V12 so that it would operate properly with the ’34 Ford. The finished engine produced an absurd 1200hp. IMG_4787 The attention to detail on the ’34 Ford is just simply astonishing. Sure, the bodywork detail on the outside is amazing and its appearance is stunning, but it’s the hidden mechanical details that make this hot rod truly unique. For starters, there are two cranks below the dash. When you turn them, the front headlights rotate outwards and then retract flush with the body. The operation is really cool to watch, and it is something that I have never seen done before. There is also a lever on the floor of the cab that, when pulled, hydraulically raises the roof to vent the cabin. IMG_4775 There even is a switch, among the many switches, that changes between the Ford’s two exhaust options – either straight headers or full exhaust pipe. And, as expected, it is outrageously loud and sounds amazing. The roar of the V12 shakes the ground around you and causes everyone at the show to turn their head in amazement. IMG_4784 The interior looks like it’s from the inside of a museum; and I guess this could be in a museum. Everywhere you look inside, you see detail upon detail. Switches, levers, knobs, gauges, wood trim, even the antique fire extinguisher – it’s overwhelming to take in all at once. Each different look inside, you seem to find something new and even more detail. Between the overhead gauges, floor-mounted leavers, and paratrooper style seats, it feels like you are inside of a B-52 bomber cockpit from World War II. IMG_4795 The rear of the Ford make no less of an impression. Its broad metal shoulders and narrow back window solidifies its B-52 Bomber look and gives it a menacing look. With a 1200hp aircraft engine, the Ford must brandish a rear dually to put that insane amount of power to the road. This ’34 Ford is just amazing. The incredible attention to detail, immaculate presentation, quirky mechanics, and the roar of the V12 Falconer make it a show stopper and a car that I will never forget. More pictures: IMG_4766 IMG_4768 IMG_4782 IMG_4792 IMG_4796 IMG_4797 IMG_4743 IMG_4745 IMG_4757

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