Carfection takes a peek at the history of the Supervans

“Supervan 1 is lost to the sands of time”… is a sad sentence to hear, but that’s what Alex Goy says of Ford’s legendary grocery-getter/ass-hauler extraordinaire. In a new short film from Carfection, Goy examines a brief bit of Ford’s extreme van adventures. The first, dubbed Supervan, was built in 1971 and featured a first-generation Transit body plopped atop a GT40 chassis.

Yes, that’s right. This was a van with Le Mans winning power under its pumped up skin. And it was amazing.

Ford continued to tinker with its super vans. Supervan 2 arrived in 1984, wearing the suit of a MkII Transit and Group C racing bits underneath. Cosworth supplied an engine. Silverstone supplied a top-speed run of 174 miles per hour. In a god damned van.

Supervan 3 landed in the mid 1990s. With the arrival of an updated MkIII Transit, some go-fast engineering went into the creation of a wild new hauler of things. This one went even crazier though, as Ford UK fashioned a body that was actually a 7/8 scale of the full-size Transit. Channeling their best Smokey Yunick impression, the slightly down-sized van packed more Cosworth power.

Today, you can buy a Ford Transit Connect ST if you’re reading this across the pond. A few years back, they produced a Focus RS-powered Transit Connect as well.

Hopefully Ford pays attention to my video on the full-size Transit, and allows me to create a Transit ST for American BBV fans.

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