Car Shows- The Coolest Stuff From Last Saturday's Pasadena Porsche Show

DSCN4383 Last Saturday was a very busy day. And for me at least, it began with Porsches. The San Gabriel Valley Region chapter of the Porsche Club of America held a Concours d’Elegance at Art Center’s magnificent campus overlooking the San Gabriel Mountains and the city of Pasadena, and I was in attendance channeling all of you. It was a somewhat intimate show, but there were still plenty of Stuttgart’s finest on display, including a couple of really nice surprises. I was there with my early riser squint and my camera and managed to grab some snaps that might just make you feel like you were there too, even though you probably got to sleep in. DSCN4387 Let’s start with this beautiful Smyrna green 356 A sunroof coupe. Now, you might think that this is lovely and all that, but what’s the big deal about a Smyrna green 356A sunroof coupe? Well, let’s pop under its hood, shall we? DSCN4384 Yep, that’s a 3.0 911SC mill and attached to that is a 915 5-speed, which makes this 356 – just like Jesse James – an Outlaw. You might have seen this car before, for sale at Fantasy Junction. I got to pet it and coo when nobody was looking. DSCN4394 If you like your Porsches old, but prefer more wind in your hair, then this stunning Speedster in deep, deep, deep black might be your cup of schnitzel. Alternatively, if your tastes run to more modern fare and less follicle buffeting, then the 931 next door might just rev your engine. DSCN4400 Of course, everybody loves the 911 and they were out in force at the show, with one from nearly each generation on hand. I liked this view of all the butts in a row underneath the waving Porsche pirate flag. Arrr mateys!DSCN4411 This gold SC’s interior was so… brown? catcher’s mitt? Eighties iconic? I don’t know, but man was this an impressively clean car. I got to it just after its judging and you can still see that everything that could be opened had been. DSCN4391 Judging started early and man was it thorough. They were doing door pockets and glove boxes, and for all I know dipsticks and their owners’ credit scores as well. This Boxster Speedster was one of the first to get the critical treatment. DSCN4393 Here’s a lone 928 S4 sitting amidst 911s and a Boxster in the Full Concours section. It was nice to see an example of these cars that has been shown some love. DSCN4390 Elemental Porsches, Air and Water. DSCN4406 I’m going to close out with a shot that I really like, a green 1.7 914 on the gravel and set against the trees and mountains and sky. This was one of the cars that was brought just to share, and not for competition. It was rough up close, but boy has the styling come into its own over the years. I hope you liked the pics and the cars, I know I sure liked hobnobbing with a bunch of great cars and their owners. Images: ©2014 Hooniverse, Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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