Car Show Crazy: 417 Coffee & Cars is Back (Almost)

417cc   It’s almost time for car show season . . . Since moving to the Queen City last spring, I’ve had the chance to take in a lot of car shows. There’s no shortage of interesting machinery to enjoy in the Ozarks – provided that the weather is right – and no matter what you like, there’s probably a show for it. I have seen them all, and enjoyed them all. However, there’s one event that I come back to every month. 417 Cars & Coffee 2016 promises to be the best yet, and the first event on April 2 already has several hundred cars lined up. Our esteemed colleague longrooffan has attended a few of these, and can back me up on this: the variety of cars, friendliness of the organizers, and laidback nature of the event make it one of the best around. Check out this video of an event from last summer. Which one would you pick? Which car show or event are you looking forward to in your area? Sound off in the comments. [Source: 417 Cars & Coffee]

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