Car Show Conundrum- Suzuki Always Picks Door Number Two

SuzukiHere’s a shot of the new Suzuki Kizashi’s dashboard. One of the upscale features of the Camry-esque car with the S on its chest is the display between the speedo and tach, which tells you information about the car- including whether or not one of the four doors is ajar. Unfortunately, as you can see, when the driver’s-side door is open, it indicates the passenger side. Opening that side gets you the driver’s door indicator. Checking two of the other cars on display had the same result, indicating that this car wasn’t a fluke. Hopefully the transmission doesn’t operate in a similar fashion.


  1. i would like to think that this had something to do with the changeover from RHD to LHD and something somewhere being labeled "driver's side" and "passenger's side" instead of just left and right.

  2. Know what I hate? I hate beige interiors. Especially when they transition to black instead of being an honest expanse of beige.
    The door indicators are simply an amusing mistake.

    1. That was my first thought too – a friend of mine has a '93 that he's sorta-restoring (fixing the body, keeping up with maintenance, giving it a decent rattle-can paint job) and his beige interior drives me nuts. He told me the only other colour option that year was red… I think I'd still prefer that to beige, given the right exterior colour.
      But then, what do I know… my car's blue over blue.

  3. beige is puke-like. All black, or dark gray is the best.
    Jeepy is right, colors were cool. I think they may be coming back, though… in the "sporty" versions of cars. I like the blue seat inserts on the Fusion, and some of the Cruise, and I thought Fiesta also, dash boards had some color too, so we can hope!

  4. These suzuki cars for sale are very stylish but i just hate the fact they are a left hand drive. Put the steering wheel on the right and make it a manual and this could be a popular car here in the UK.

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