Car Bros Tries Out the "One Take" Thing

Here at the Hooniverse, we love Matt Farah. We also love Car Bros, so this video of them attempting a Farah-style One Take is relevant to our interests. In what might be their best work yet, they take what’s totally a real Challenger SRT Demon on a quick road test around some nice and straight suburban roads. Because this is Car Bros we’re talking about, it all kind of escalates from there. I won’t spoil anything because it’s absolutely worth a watch. We all got a sensible chuckle out of it and you probably will too.
[Source: YouTube]

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One response to “Car Bros Tries Out the "One Take" Thing”

  1. HuntRhymesWith Avatar

    32,000%DV Seaborgium is an absolute steal at that price. Hoping they expand their merchandise game.