Car 322 CRX: Currently the Worst Team at LeMons

[ED: While working the penalty Box at LeMons, Team Sunday Funday managed to rack up enough infractions to incur the wrath of the Hooniverse Slave Labor Penalty, writing this post]

It was a drunken New Year’s Eve that spawned our horrible decision. 1 a.m. talk of Canon Ball Run, rental car rallying and the like got us inevitably to 24 Hours of LeMons.

“I’ve wanted to do that for years!”

It was the beginning of the end.

I must have inherited it from my dad – the love of junk and cars and junk cars – because I can’t remember a time when our garage wasn’t full of either Citroen DS’s, 2CV’s, or Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40’s. Not to mention the Volvos and Saabs that came and went.

But that was years ago. Today on the other hand we’ve had 3 black flags in nearly as many hours. How’d we get here?

The car we found to run was a bargain basement deal from another LeMon’s team. Dustin from Sub Par Motorsports had an extra 1988 Honda CRX that he was going to make as a second car to his older CRX. But, things being as they are he’d found other projects. Lucky for us. The car was stripped of it’s interior already, had a great motor swap done and just needed a bunch of safety gear.

“Lucky” for me, one of the guys who drunkenly raised his hand to race as well as put the car together works in a materials inspection company full of welding gear, grinders, and all the tools we’d need to make this happen. He’s also a bit more ambitious with his welding prowess than he is patient for large projects. But, after arranging with Evil Genius to fabricate – but not install – our roll cage we set out for home to put it all together.

As the time ticked by and little things started getting done we tried to source a lift so we could easily remove the gas tank to weld in one of the roll cage plates. More time ticked by as we kept looking for a lift. And it ticked, and ticked and ticked. 2 months later we were staring the Sears Pointless race day in the face and almost no closer to having a race-able car than we were when we bought it.

Finally, with 2 weeks to go, the tank was removed and welding began. And then stopped. 1 hour into the build we realized the horrible mistake we’d made in thinking we could possible do the cage ourselves. A call to Evil Genius was once again made, and John came through once again to build us the super high and tight cage we never could have.

That left us with 1 week to install everything else: seat, tank, belts, radios, battery box, foam, this, that, everything!

What that didn’t leave time for was looking at anything related to the engine or suspension.

“It runs, it rolls, we’ll figure anything else out once we’re there and pass tech.”


Apparently that approach gets you a blog post on My dad will be so proud.

–Aaron, Team Sunday Funday


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15 responses to “Car 322 CRX: Currently the Worst Team at LeMons”

  1. Paul Avatar

    could not be more proud of Aaron and his crew. dad

  2. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Great post, and nice to have a report from the race! Sorry you had to earn the black flags to write it. I hope that's the end of them for you, and you enjoy the race, once you get back out again. You've definitely got the right spirit and attitude.

    1. Aaron Avatar

      Thanks, we really had no business being out there on Saturday, but the flags and the judges got us pointed in the right direction for Sunday so it was all kind of worth it in the end. After a suspension swap from a Pick-n-Pull Civic something-or-other we were riding as a high as a Jeep but finally had springs that were actually doing work instead of just flipping us around. Started turning in 2:20's and staying on the track like a respectable f'ing racer. That was until we started over heating from a burst cooling hose, which likely cooked the motor enough to throw a rod 45 minutes before the checker flag.
      All in all an amazing weekend and a great learning experience. Our moto for the weekend was "Learn and Return." We did a ton of the former and will definitely do the latter in September at Thunderhill. If we're still welcome that is….

  3. Pat Avatar

    You guys are AMAZING! I'm proud of you too. It's been inspiring to see your drive and determination.

  4. Eric Rood Avatar
    Eric Rood

    Tremendous penalty idea. May have to reuse this at Gingerman next month.

  5. Andy Avatar

    They used a Honda. That's cheating.

    1. Thrashy Avatar

      Historically, not so much. As it happens, when you run an old Honda D-series at high load for hours on end, the 25-year-old organic head gasket like to turn into explodium.

  6. deebee Avatar

    I hope you machined the lug pockets on those wheels to work with conical lug nuts! VW uses spherical lug seats, which don't like conical lug nuts.

    1. Preludacris Avatar

      Honda's spherical lug seats don't like conical lug nuts either. 😉 All the ones I've worked on had acorns.

      1. deebee Avatar

        D'oh — shows my lack of Honda OEM wheel knowledge. I've adapted VW snowflakes to fit on a FWD Nissan where spherical lugs were not available in the right thread pitch and assumed all Japanese stuff was conical.

        1. Preludacris Avatar

          And I didn't know Nissan used conical ones!

  7. B72 Avatar

    I feel like I should know the team theme, and yet…?

    1. Aaron Avatar

      You can't tell from the photos, but our hood had the Hunger Games logo and said "Hopefully Not Catching Fire." We also had black "tribute" shirts with mocking-jay patches on them. It's no NyanCar but it's what we managed to put together. Already have a grab bag of better ideas for next time.

  8. richdelish Avatar

    Cute girl with racing shoes is cute.

  9. Dominique Legeai Avatar
    Dominique Legeai

    ….what a great idea Aaron and crew! warning though: any form of (car) racing is adictive….better luck next time and thanks for the entertaining report…..Dominique

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