Can We Get Some Love for a Straight Six Mustang?

built 1965 mustang 200 i6Mixed in with the enthusiasm for the hyperbolic GT500 and Kraut-devouring Boss, both the outgoing ’10-14 Mustang and upcoming ’15 set the thinking enthusiast community astir with their potent second-string motors. Be it the 305 horse V6 or [CLASSIFIED] 2.3L turbo, there’s a case to be made for lightness, better fuel economy and cheaper insurance.

So why not extend that logic backwards 49 years? Here we’ve got a beautiful ’65 coupe with a built 200ci I6, four speed and full complement of new or upgraded chassis parts. Specifically, it’s bored .060″ over (making it a 206ci), with aluminum pistons, a Clifford head, bigger cam and progressive triple-carb setup. If to step back a bit, that spec sheet nearly lines up with the powerplant in another Hooniverse favorite.

1965 mustang coupe for sale1965 ford mustang for sale1965 mustang coupe interior

But what to make of the unmet reserve at $8,000? At $5-6-even 7,000, there’s a strong case to be made, but is this six-pot ‘Stang worth five digits?

1965 Mustang for sale – eBay Motors

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