Can I Haz Police Car Riding?

Crikey, what's that howling, I already turned the siren off?
Falcons are predatory birds, eating small mammals and other birds, and it looks like their Ford namesakes’ are equally untrustworthy around small animals.
Shhh, I Iz Hiding From Da Copz!
Fortunately, this Falcon prefers Vegemite sandwiches to kitten pancakes so blackie’s pretty safe. Still, can’t have any ride-alongs on this police car, so out he’ll have to go. Also, a police car is bad enough luck for the baddies, the cops bringing a black cat along isn’t even fair.
Free At Last, Free At Last, Lord Almighty, I'm Free At Last.
Two things to take away from this; a little cat can get into big trouble, and Aussie cops drive some bangin’ cool cop cars. Can I haz Ford Falcon? Image source: []

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