Can I fix the headlight switch on my W114 Mercedes-Benz?

Short answer: yes I can… this isn’t clickbait, broski and bro-ette-ski.
In the last Shift Happens, I left off attempting to get my 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 sedan sorted. The W114 four-door suffered a crapped out headlight switch (technical term) and it needed replacing. In the process of removing it, I found it was quite necessary to actually having the car run and drive…
So I ordered a new one and attempted to reinstall it. This is how that went down.

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2 responses to “Can I fix the headlight switch on my W114 Mercedes-Benz?”

  1. bekar Avatar

    Good work! I do love that feeling accomplishment after a successful repair, particularly when it’s one I’m not super comfortable with.

  2. oldcarjunkie Avatar

    Nicely done. The thrill of victory is even more sweat following a setback. On the dash lights I’d get a multi-meter or test light out and start taking a look at those wires feeding it.

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