Cabot Bigham, Nitro RallyCross: Off The Road Again – Episode 116

Welcome back to the Off the Road Again podcast! We’ve missed you. The focus is on the off-road adventure but we also dabble in all things SUV, truckvan, maybe even some rally cars.

Ross and Chris welcome Cabot Bigham to the show. Cabot races in the Nitro Rallycross series in a fantastic Audi racecar. We discuss how he started in karts, open-wheel racing, and translated that experience into rallycross. Ross experienced the 2022 GMC Yukon AT4, Chris took the family to Colorado for a getaway and some winter sports. Also discussed is Land Rover’s James Bond-inspired Defender rally car. 

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2 responses to “Cabot Bigham, Nitro RallyCross: Off The Road Again – Episode 116”

  1. smokyburnout Avatar

    I was at that race at ERX with the big roll! Pretty wild.

  2. foodle Avatar

    The race was really interesting. I love racing, especially SUVs.