Buy this AWD-converted Sprinter and live out your overlanding fantasies

Overlanding is all the rage these days. The act of off-roading and living out of a self-sustaining vehicle has become much simpler with roof-top tents and accessories such as on-board refrigerators. But whether tent camping in your local woods or exploring the entirety of the country via house-on-wheels, the appeal of using a vehicle to adventure is more appealing now than ever.

Truth is, you can give overlanding a shot with just about any vehicle. Be it Subaru Outback or EarthRoamer, all you need to do is load up and go. But some vehicles make it easier to do so than others. Vehicles like this modified AWD Dodge Sprinter.

What we have here is essentially everything you need to drive anywhere you can point the steering wheel and live in comfort while seeing whatever it is that tickles your fancy. Equipped with a custom all-wheel-drive kit, Fox suspension, Porsche Cayenne wheels, this Sprinter will go anywhere you point it. Since this is an ’04, it predates the factory-offered 4×4 Sprinter. Other upgrades include Grabber Blue paint, skid plates, and solar panels

There’s an issue though, unless you’re pretty handy. A good deal of the included interior bits aren’t installed yet. The parts are there but you’ll need to install the kitchenette, folding bed, rear-mounted shower, and more. Additionally, the seller has marine plywood to be installed as a replacement for the diamond plate. That’s a smart move, as you don’t really want to bump your head on all of that metal.

Once you get that all in place though, this van has everything you need to to head out on an extended trip. Then there’s the diesel motor, which makes for good torque and range on a single tank. The whole package certainly “looks the look.”

Take a gander at a truly sweet example of overlanding transportation here.

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