Buy this 1962 Ford F-100 4×4

For your Truck Thursday Friday consideration, I offer you this blast from the past. This 1964 Ford F-100 is ready to take you on your next (bumpy) adventure.

I have waxed often and poetic about the 4th-generation F-Series (M-Series, if you’re lucky enough to find one). I can fully admit that I am a Ford truck fan, but anyone can see that Ford made a big a impact on the light-duty pickup segment with this truck. It was in 1961, after all, that they brought us the infamous unibody truck. In 1965, they debuted the venerable Twin I-Beam suspension, which is still on the road today. It’s not often that a 50-year old technology finds its way into new vehicles.
Details from the ad:

This beautiful 1962 Ford F-100 is a true classic gem! This full-size pickup has undergone a complete frame off restoration. It boasts stunning red paint that is complimented by an exceptionally clean black interior. This truck is powered by a 223 Straight 6-Cylinder engine that is paired with 3-column manual shift transmission and offers 135 horsepower. It also comes with durable four wheel drive which is a valuable feature in any classic vehicle!
The fourth generation F-series was a dramatically new style of pickup. It was longer and lower than it’s predecessors. It also came with increased dimensions as well as new choices for the engine and gearbox. This 1962 Ford F-100 carries the iconic look of it’s time. It has a modest 39,000 miles which means that it will be providing a quality driving experience for many years to come.

The engine in this truck is the good old Mileage Make straight-6, which is itself a carryover from years past. Considering that truck buyers haven’t really changed when it comes to engine choices (some want power, some want economy, all want dependability), the 223 is a good choice for the budget-conscious consumer; it only makes 140hp, but offers a respectable 206 ft-lbs. of torque. That’s enough to get the truck moving and over rough terrain, coupled with the 4-wheel drive. 54804734-770-0@2X
Love that stance. This one even comes with a bumper hitch and a rear bumper!
Now, to the price. These trucks, in the right condition, are becoming more valuable, no doubt it. $18,500 makes me cringe a little, though, especially when you consider the utilitarian nature and general just-want-to-drive-it-around feeling I get when I look at trucks like this. Then again, I’m cheap, and I’m just one man. How about you? What do you think of 4th-generation F-100’s, and would you pay upwards of $20,000 for one?
[Source: Hemmings Classifieds]

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  1. Alff Avatar

    Doood. Look at that ridiculose fender gap.

  2. Vairship Avatar

    ” It’s not often that a 50-year old technology finds its way into new vehicles.”
    I think ‘the wheel’ and ‘fire’ might be older than that… 😉

  3. dukeisduke Avatar

    An uncle of mine had a ’62 F-100 that he used around his ranch in East Texas, but it was just a 2WD, nothing this cool.

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