Bryce Menzies Documentary Shows Just How Nuts He Is

Bryce Menzies is maybe a little bit crazy, but to race wheel to wheel on dirt in 700 horsepower trucks takes a dash of insanity anyway. He’s one of those adrenaline junkies that wants to go bigger and bigger with every stunt. The kid is driven and clearly quite talented, but I’m not sure he really knows when to stop pushing. Check out this documentary in which Bryce partners with Red Bull to pull off a massive stunt and break the world record in the long jump. I appreciate the level of detail work that went in to pulling this off, at one point he mentions sending his truck to the wind tunnel, and yet there are so many variables in making it work. What do you think, can you break the new longer-than-a-football-field jump record?
[Video: Red Bull YouTube Channel]

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