Bonus Hooniverse Asks: What is This Little Bull Anyway?


As every one of my fellow Hoons knows, there are a lot of animals that are portrayed as logos for nearly every automobile company out there. Mustangs, Impalas, Bulls, Pintos, Bulldogs, Rams, and, oh yeah, Cougars. I captured this Mustang just a couple weeks ago and, at the time, I had no idea for what I would use this image.

A whiles back this olelongrooffan shared with my fellow Hoons how I had gotten a new gig. Well, as a part of that gig, I work out of one of the model homes we have in that there subdivision here in FantasyLand. And trust me, fellow Hoons, my bosses provide this olelongrooffan a pretty sweet work space.

But what does my new cube have to do with animal logos in the automotive world? Well, my fellow Hoons will need to make the jump to solve that mystery.


Yeah, fellow Hoons, this is where this olelongrooffan hangs while doing the necessary administrative data processing when  I am not out hobknobbing it with the owners of our product line. And while this olelongrooffan is no longer a golfer (I quickly tired of chasing a little white ball all around a field a long time ago), pret near every model home round these here parts has a “golf themed” den and this home is no exception.


But this olelongrooffan is pretty fortunate to walk through the living room of this two million dollar home every time I need to update buildtopia to communicate with our subcontractors the warranty work necessary for them to collect their checks on a bi-monthly basis. Oh yeah, the stairs and rails company at which I was formerly employed installed that curved staircase railing you can see in the above image.


And should this olelongrooffan and my coworkers ever get a little bored, we can always head upstairs to the loft and enjoy a little billiards action, completely gratis. And maybe a cocktail or two.


This particular home has the master suite on the first floor and three secondary bedrooms on the upper deck. Typically, round here model home bedrooms are themed around a boy child, a girl child and the third being beach oriented. This model home is no different. But this boy’s room is completely cool to this olelongrooffan. I mean, check out the artwork, the Ford book and that vintage camera.


And just above that camera bearing desk was this vintage steering wheel mounted on the wall much like the original steering wheel from my olebeaterpickemuptruck this olelongrooffan had mounted on the wall of my Taj Mahal years ago.


And that, my fellow Hoons, brings up the Bonus Hooniverse question of the day. To which automotive manufacturer does this Bull belong? Trust this olelongrooffan when I tell ya that no amount of googlefu could answer that question for me.

You guys? It will be solved before you finish reading this post.

Oh yeah, when this olelongrooffan’s cube is sold, I’m moving into a mobile home construction trailer. But I am enjoying every moment of time in this cube.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

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