Bisi Ezerioha is a mad genius. The tuner behind the shop Bisimoto, he’s responsible for turning out high-horsepower vehicles and mind blowing builds. Bisi likes to tune his cars so they hit that crazy 1,000-horsepower mark, or higher. It’s not just cars though, as Bisi once built a Honda Odyssey minivan with ridiculous power on tap. And then there’s the vehicle seen below; a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe that also produces 1,000 hp.

This car was built for SEMA back in 2016. Bisi converted it to rear-wheel drive. Then he added a pair of turbochargers after modifying the 3.8-liter Hyundai V6. According to Road & Track, the Bisimoto Santa Fe sports a rear end from a Genesis G90 and six-speed manual gearbox from an R-Spec Genesis.

The result is a Hyundai Santa Fe that tortures its tires and spits flames. This thing is absolutely ridiculous and we love every bit of it. It joins the ranks of Bisi’s other wicked builds and stands out by, well, standing taller than pretty much any other car in the Bisimoto garage.

[Source: YouTube via Road & Track]