Bisimoto Hyundai Santa Fe

Bisimoto once built a flame-spitting tire-smoking 1000-hp… Hyundai Santa Fe

Bisi Ezerioha is a mad genius. The tuner behind the shop Bisimoto, he’s responsible for turning out high-horsepower vehicles and mind blowing builds. Bisi likes to tune his cars so they hit that crazy 1,000-horsepower mark, or higher. It’s not just cars though, as Bisi once built a Honda Odyssey minivan with ridiculous power on tap. And then there’s the vehicle seen below; a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe that also produces 1,000 hp.

This car was built for SEMA back in 2016. Bisi converted it to rear-wheel drive. Then he added a pair of turbochargers after modifying the 3.8-liter Hyundai V6. According to Road & Track, the Bisimoto Santa Fe sports a rear end from a Genesis G90 and six-speed manual gearbox from an R-Spec Genesis.

The result is a Hyundai Santa Fe that tortures its tires and spits flames. This thing is absolutely ridiculous and we love every bit of it. It joins the ranks of Bisi’s other wicked builds and stands out by, well, standing taller than pretty much any other car in the Bisimoto garage.

[Source: YouTube via Road & Track]

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10 responses to “Bisimoto once built a flame-spitting tire-smoking 1000-hp… Hyundai Santa Fe”

  1. HuntRhymesWith Avatar

    Thinking of big plans for your Mitsubishi Montero there, eh?

    1. crank_case Avatar

      Montero Evo has a nice ring to it

  2. Tiller188 Avatar

    Y’know, I’d given Hyundai (and other manufacturers in similar situations, for that matter, but let’s keep it in the family for now) the benefit of the doubt when they didn’t offer the manual transmission with the V6 version of the new G70. The official line was that the 4-cylinder version is the lighter and better balanced, and therefore better suited for the enthusiast types that would be buying a manual, anyway — I gave that some credence, but privately suspected that they also just didn’t have a manual that was appropriately beefy to handle the V6, and it’s not as though they’re likely to drop the cash to buy or develop one for such a niche effort, right? OK, I may not like it, but fair enough.

    …and then this guy runs 1,000 hp through the old 6-speed manual from “a Genesis” (Hyundai Genesis coupe, presumably). I mean, maybe the transmission grenaded itself immediately after this video ended, but…hmm.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      Hyundai (and similar) needs to assume that 99% of any non-wear component will last for 150k without failure (or some similar metric, both for the sake of warranty costs and reputation and such), which just isn’t a consideration for an aftermarket shop.

      Realistically though, there was probably market research figuring that there’d be enough sales to justify getting the 2.0/6M combination certified for the EPA, but maybe not the 3,3/6m (especially if even BMW’s giving up on manuals). Or, that the smaller engine is easier to control emissions on (less getting pumped out when shifting).

      1. Tiller188 Avatar

        Realistically, I’m sure you’re right on both points (yeah, I didn’t even dive into the extra time and cost to get another powertrain combination certified for sale by the appropriate governing bodies); it was just interesting to see what I would not have assumed to be an anywhere-near-appropriate transmission standing up to some abuse by silly amounts of power. Impressive, really, even if it goes kaboom not too much further down the road…

        I also suspect that their offering a manual on the G70 at all is as much a calculated PR move as it is supported by market research — an upstart new luxury brand introduces a new compact sport sedan designed under the leadership of Albert Biermann, formerly of BMW’s M division, and offers it with a manual, when even BMW has moved away from them? Doesn’t seem like a bad way to establish some street cred.

        1. Maymar Avatar

          Absolutely – I would bet that the G70 manual is discontinued in 2 years, citing slow sales, but it makes a strong statement for now (and buys them extra press).

          1. Tiller188 Avatar

            I’m betting so, as well — there’ve been a rumor or two that the manual could be a launch-year thing only, and Hyundai’s response to that was that the manual would be offered as long as there were sufficient sales to justify it. That doesn’t sound very reassuring.

            Kind of makes me want one, just to vote with my wallet to say “more like this please” — it’s almost exactly the configuration I would want, in that I could get a manual-trans, upscale-ish sport sedan with cooled seats (the one new luxury tech feature I rather want…) and without a sunroof and some of the other more “luxury” bits. I don’t really need to be in the market for a new car, though, and I am afraid it would feel like a step backwards from my current WRX on the performance front, even if it’s a quantum leap forward on most everything else. Unfortunately, I’m also guessing manual trans models are about as common at dealers as hen’s teeth, so the chances of a test drive are not great…I should ask around just to see.

    2. Zentropy Avatar

      That the G70 gets a manual option at all was a big pleasant surprise to me, given that KIA’s (supposedly) sporty Stinger is stuck with a slushbox in the U.S.

      1. Tiller188 Avatar

        That makes two of us!

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