Because it's Monday: Let's Watch a Lamborghini Countach Get It On and Take It Off

lamborghini countach
What a wonderful world it would be if our dreams could leap from the posters from our teenage bedroom walls and into our lives. For me that would mean Linda Ronstadt  and the subject of today’s making-Monday-great-again video, the Lamborghini Countach.
If I had known then how much of a pain in the ass the Countach was to drive (and how much older Ronstadt is than I am) maybe that wouldn’t have been such a great thing. Still, there’s something magical about a car named for the expression of astonishment its arrival engenders so let’s start the week with some Countach love. Watch Valentino Balboni take this LP400 (unfortunately not a Periscopo) for a twilight spin before it goes in for some major attention.

Countach from Kidston.TV on Vimeo.
Image: Vimeo

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  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    No.10 looks to have had a good life being used and not just locked away but driven.

  2. dead_elvis, inc. Avatar
    dead_elvis, inc.

    I’d love to see him cut loose with the LM002 seen at the very start.

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