Because it's Monday: Let's Get Our "Pants" On

The de Tomaso Pantera is arguably one of the most iconic cars ever built. Combining timeless Italian styling (albeit styled by an American) and stout American muscle (albeit guided through a German transaxle) it was a prime example of what we once deemed a hybrid car.
Designed and built by de Tomaso in Modena (actually, an initial batch were hand-built by Vignale), the cars wee distributed and serviced here in the United States by Ford through their Lincoln Mercury dealers.
How you might ask would Lincoln Mercury salesmen and women who were mostly accustomed to dealing with buyers of MK IIIs and Comets sell a car so different as was the Pantera? Well, by having non other than Bob Bondurant point out its unique features in a dealer training film. This fascinating video harkens from ’72 or later, showing a number of black bumper L models on the track and the road. There’s also a few cool shots of the monocoque, of note because the Pantera was de Tomaso’s first mid-engine car so equipped.
So sit back and enjoy this short video so that you too will be an informed and effective Lincoln Mercury salesperson, and can start putting people into those Panteras.
Source: YouTube

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2 responses to “Because it's Monday: Let's Get Our "Pants" On”

  1. hwyengr Avatar

    Between these, the Euro Capri, and Merkur, Ford put a lot of heavy lifting on those L-M dealers.

    1. Rob Emslie Avatar
      Rob Emslie

      Had to figure out something to do with them!

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