Beautiful Chaos in the Streets Ho Chi Minh City

Photographer Rob Whitworth lives in Vietnam, and has assembled some 10,000 individual images into a 2-1/2 minute time-lapse look at the insane traffic of Ho Chi Minh City. Despite the obvious danger, congestion and chaos contained therein, the result is a visual fantasia in which scooter-led traffic seems to course through the streets like the lifeblood of the city, surging and pulsing with vitality. According to the artist, “Everyone who has visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam knows part of the magic (love it or hate it) is in the traffic. Ever since I first set foot in HCMC I have been captivated by the city’s energy. Saigon is a city on the move unlike anything I have experienced before which I wanted to capture and share.” The surprisingly beautiful video is embedded after the jump.

Traffic in Frenetic HCMC, Vietnam from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

From: Vimeo via Motorcycle Photo of the Day, with a tip o’ the hat to Steve @ MCPOTD for the find.

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