Beach 16 Show

If you enjoy viewing images of auto related stuff included in the images above, my fellow Hoons will probably want to make the jump to see more. A couple weekends ago as I was passing through Cocoa Beach, Florida, heading north on A1A, this olelongrooffan spotted a 30’s era street rod heading south. Since they had the top up on that oleragtop, I knew they weren’t just out cruising around. I immediately remembered this happened so this olelongrooffan kept an eye peeled for any sign of a car show. Well my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan and my oleragtop had traveled less than two city blocks and a car show was spotted in the parking lot and along the promenade of a pretty upscale Atlantic Ocean beachfront hotel. One of the first vehicles I really appreciated was the 1960 VW double cab, shown in the first image, parked in a highly desired spot along the promenade. It had a “Hawaii” theme, ie stickers, license etc. so this olelongrooffan walked up to that dude captured in the first image and struck up a conversation with he and his wife, the owners of the sweet double cab. It turns out they retired to north central florida after living most of their lives in Hawaii and two of their three sons still live there. We got to talking about car shows and old cars in general. I asked them did they attend the VDub fest in Daytona Beach? “Definitely,” was their response. “The last two years, we won Best In Class with this truck.” Yeah, it is just that nice. Further discussion took place and it was revealed that this couple had owned a ’60 double cab, back in the day, when they lived in Hawaii, as well as some later generation single cabs. He mentioned he was a carpenter and would carry all of his tools in the “treasure chest” underneath the bed and rear seat and noone was the wiser. He commented, with a twinkle in his eye, “The bed was reserved for surf boards.” When I took leave of that genuinely amusing couple, as this olelongrooffan was walking away, he says, “Hey John.” I turn and he says “Hope to see you at the VDubfest next year.” Know this, I’m going to be keeping my eye out for that cool ole doublecab and its wonderful owners. This show, in its 16th year, hence the name, is put on by Mike Wolf, who runs the weekly shows over near MickeyMouseLand in Old Town. This show, like a Concours d’Elegance, was by invitation only and limited to 200 vehicles. Later on in the show, I spotted a 57 Ford F1 pickemup truck complete with a Fordomatic transmission. It sported the cool, vintage hood ornament shown in the second image above. There also were a number of restomods and I think this Camaro was one of the nicer ones. And did you know there was a late model SS longroof. This olelongrooffan sure lusted after it. I thought this license plate was pretty humorous. I like to think this olelongrooffan lives on “One Happy Island” of my own. You can see images of nearly all of the 200 classic vehicles here. And if you enjoy viewing stuff as is shown in the following image, and don’t mind some “pseudo-folksy” writing, you might want to check in here.  And, yeah, that day it was easy to Celebrate Life.

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