Bass-ackwards Fiat 126 Grabs the Pole Position

Have you ever found that the fastest way to get somewhere is foiled by a one-way street? Well, here’s a driver in Poland who has a solution to that, and always gets where he wants to have been.

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  1. Excellent. Now I’d like to see someone do that with an F350 Dually, just to see how much damage he can cause.

    1. Oh, you don’t need to do that kind of crazy to cause damage with an F350 Dually. Just break a tie-rod, and you’ll be breaking records before you can say “collateral damage”.

  2. Totally OT:
    I had to cut’n’paste my user name, cause I have no idea where on the num-pad to find the Я. I just now thought… anyone been in touch with the POLAЯ and invited him to stop by?

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