Dear reader, I need some help. I’ve got this problem and I can’t seem to shake it. My heart thinks I need to buy a Jaguar XJ. But my brain knows this is a terrible idea. The two aren’t communicating and I have a handful of tabs open on my browser. All of them are showing different XJ sedans for sale, typically ranging across the X308 and X350 models with a few sprinkles of Series I and II tossed in for “good” measure.

The XJ in the lead photo? It’s a 2000 XJ8 and the odometer only shows 89,580. The seller says everything works well, AC blows cold, and the title is clean. The asking price? It’s just $3,000. If I offered $2,500 that’s an amount of money that, while not insubstantial, wouldn’t ruin me should when the car goes boom.

There’s also a 1971 XJ with a Chevy 350 already transplanted. I’ve found a 1972 XJ that looks to be in decent shape for its age, with a sub-$3K asking price. And there’s also a lovely 2004 Vanden Plas model on the list as well.

None of these cars is a good idea. But I can’t stop thinking about buying one, tossing on some fresh wheels and tires, putting the car seat in the back, and having a comfortable daily-driver with some personality. Do I listen to my brain or follow my dumb, stupid, heart?