Back to Nature – Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

A while ago, I posted a very nice 1980 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. After that body style, Cadillac downsized the Eldorado even further, resulting in the smoothed-over 1986-1991 Eldorado generation that we have here. My intention is not to symbolize the Eldorado’s downsizing as a downfall of sorts, but this example I found on a body shop’s yard has gone completely derelict after having been left there some years ago.

Yes, that is a Palm Beach plate, but it was ’round here in Finland that the Eldorado Biarritz had found its semi-final resting place.

Here’s the Caddy’s good side. There’s still some shine, the chrome doesn’t look bad, and from this angle it doesn’t look like a lost cause.

But here you see it’s sinking to the ground. The tires are mostly empty and probably sun-wrecked even in our cool climate. The car’s complete, nothing has been picked off it.

Probably because of the sun’s direction, this is the car’s mossy side. Green streaks bedeck the paint, finding the nooks and crannies of plastic panels and chrome trim.

The rear corner is the greenest bit. Someone’s tried to wipe the moss off, but been thwarted. Still, the wheel trim shines on.

Do you think the Biarritz should be saved, or should it continue its biodegradation where it sits?


As a soundtrack for this post, here’s Fad Gadget with Back to Nature.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”523″][/youtube]


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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