B is for Build finishes its BMW M5 V10-swapped Datsun 240Z

The rush was on. B is for Build was cranking, wrenching, bolting, wrapping well into the night and next morning but the work has paid off. The car is done. On the trailer. Bound for SEMA. And it’s been one hell of an ambitious build. The finished product is a Datsun 240Z that’s been transformed with a BMW M5 V10 drivetrain, fender flares, and tons of custom work.
This project got off to a rough start. At one point the original shell was damaged due to careless maneuvering of a delivery driver. But everything was eventually sorted and the project fan full speed ahead. And now it’s ready for some time in the spotlights of Las Vegas.

Podcast: Episode 199 – Cheap Car Challenge with Tavarish & B is for Build

Sure, there’s testing and tuning still to be done but it runs, drives, and the majority of the work is over. Congrats to the B is for Build team on completing your epic build. We can’t wait to see more of this car once you’re home from SEMA.

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7 responses to “B is for Build finishes its BMW M5 V10-swapped Datsun 240Z”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    Is that the same engine that runs through main bearings every 20k miles?

    1. 10mm socket Avatar
      10mm socket

      yup, they changed them. The ones they removed were well knackered

  2. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    All that work and it still won’t handle as well as a stock M5.

    1. Jay Bond Avatar
      Jay Bond

      that was so not their point lol

  3. Zentropy Avatar

    Impressive engineering, but I’d rather have a stock Z with the L24. The BMW V10 sounds sweet, but that’s a huge hunk of engine, and I always thought the balance on a 240Z was just about perfect, feel-wise. This is overkill, which I guess was the point.
    I was biased before even watching the video, though, as that’s an unfortunate shade of blue (and a color I don’t like paired with black), and the front fender looks like it’s caved-in from a tire blowout. The 240Z is one of my all-time favorite cars, and I guess I just don’t like it being screwed with.

  4. outback_ute Avatar

    Hardly a 240Z IMO*, just some panels on a chassis.
    * Haven’t watched all the videos

  5. HycoSpeed Avatar

    I for one am always a fan of “big engine into a small car” mods. And larger modern aluminum blocked engines often don’t have that great of a weight penalty when compared to original engines. Plus it looks like they built in a pretty hefty set-back when installing the V-10, looks almost front-mid layout, which means someone considered the balance and drivability.
    However, growing up, my grandfather once responded to a cousin’s idea to put a Corvette engine into a VW Bug to surprise people at stoplights, that if instead you put a VW Bug engine into a Corvette, that would really surprise folks.

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