¡Ay Dios Mio! Could An E-Type Crush Mexico Under Its Cruel Yoke?

Europeans have long fantasized about taking over the former Spanish colonial domains, and while I’m pretty sure the Brits never invaded Mexico, this ‘ere Jag seems ready to rewrite history by attempting to pull an Emperor Max and take over the country for a short period of time. And by that, of course, we mean that La Carrera Panamericana is basically calling to this ‘ere Jag-u-ar. And it’s calling to us, too …

You’ll have to make room for the navigator by reengineering the equipment (Accusump?) in the passenger seat, but other than that, what are you missing? It’s fully built, rocking a 4.2L plant, making 439 HP (with each of those horses dragging around about 5 lbs). Plus it sounds pretty much like sex, and not the PG-13 stuff neither. Like the armor, horses, and muskets of the conquistadores, the Jag seems like a highly capable tool to decimate its competitors.

Unlike Maximilian, whose Hapsburg genes gave him a lower jaw to rival a bulldozer, this professionally-built Jag likely won’t have to worry about any congenital defects, being fairly well-sorted. Just steer wide of any Mexican anti-royalists and lose the distasteful, nouveau-riche “Shaguar” badge and you should be just dandy. To rule a country, $60,000 seems reasonable, no?
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  1. I've dreamt, like most guys, about building my own car, and most of the designs look like a retro-futuristic Jag E or an early Corvette ('53-'61) and sometimes a blend of the two. Not for nothing, wouldn't you say? This is as close to purrfection as it gets.

  2. That is one rude looking E-Type, holy mierda! Ordinarily I hate to see such a beautiful specimen chopped up like that, but it looks like they did it right, and it's got to be stupid fast, so I think I can let this one slide. What a beast!

  3. A bit too gutted and clean for my tastes, but this is among the sexiest e-types I've ever seen. Kudos for building a stonking Jag mill and not swapping in something else.

    1. Agreed. As cool as the unadorned opening appears, I'd at least be putting some type of protective screening between my radiator/transmission cooler and the debris that would inevitably be kicked my way on la carrera.

  4. Wow! Like everyone else, the e-type strikes me as one of the sexiest cars ever. But they've also always struck me as looking "fragile."
    This one's a brute.
    A sexy brute.

  5. It looks fabulous, but I don't know if it should risk the Panamericana…
    <img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_iBxAzFjPTxU/SviNc24Y-LI/AAAAAAAAIzk/5zlNN2HIkjw/s1600-h/12940_161550516515_706966515_2827903_8354599_n.jpg"/&gt;
    That tragedy makes Romeo and Juliet look like a delightful teenage romp.
    Then again, I dream of one day running Sport Menor in one of these:
    <img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_iBxAzFjPTxU/StvJmwPirLI/AAAAAAAAHJI/iw2O33xJnaE/s400/181020091977.jpg"/&gt;
    *sigh* One of these days I'll win the lottery…

  6. "…and while I’m pretty sure the Brits never invaded Mexico, this ‘ere Jag seems ready to rewrite history by attempting to pull an Emperor Max…."
    Um, actually, the British were part of the 1862 invasion known as the Maximilian Affair.

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