Autopia2099 was enthusiastically electric

The first-ever Autopia2099 occurred this past weekend, and I’m happy to report that it felt like a success. A wide swath of car and bike lovers showed up to Optimist Studios in Los Angeles to gawk, chat, and hang out while talking about the future of electric vehicles. This wasn’t simply an opportunity to show off standard production EVs either, as our goal is to bring out those forging the path for customs, hot rods, classics, and more. And that’s exactly what we got.

Modified Tesla sedans mingled with vintage Volkswagen bugs and busses. A still-a-project BMW E9 drove to the show in a very much still-a-project state. Livewire (the spun-off electric arm of Harley-Davidson) brought out a few bikes, both stock and custom, while some Livewire owners showed up with their own machines. As did a few Energica riders as well. Of course, a few automakers jumped in and had a presence as well. Nissan was the presenting sponsor and so brought out a pair of its new Ariya electric crossovers along with a Formula E shell and the latest Leaf. Porsche showed up with a trio of Taycans, including the new GTS Sport Turismo, while sibling Volkswagen arrived with both of its off-road spec ID.4 EVs. And those two wore fresh dust and dirt applied by yours truly, more on that soon.

Formula E racer at Autopia2099
Autopia2099 photo by Kevin McCauley (
jaguar tesla model 3 at Autopia2099
Autopia2099 photo by Kevin McCauley (

The mood was upbeat and enthusiastic. Folks were eager to talk about their machines and learn and hear all they could about the other vehicles in attendance. Even AEM was on hand to talk about its latest controllers and displays aimed specifically at the EV market. Yes, that AEM which owns Holley and a ton of other go-fast, get-loud companies. The cars and crowd were diverse minus the smiles on faces, and that’s exactly what we wanted to see at Autopia2099.

e/mullholland custom livewire Autopia2099
Autopia2099 photo by Kevin McCauley (
Autopia2099 photo by Kevin McCauley (
rivian r1t at Autopia2099
Autopia2099 photo by Kevin McCauley (

Forbes has a nice write-up of the event which you can read here. And we should have a video out soon, going over some of the vehicles and talking to various owners and builders, so stay tuned for that.


  1. Looks fantastic! As everybody knows, Norway has a lot of EVs. A lot of early Leaf and iMiEV pile up in junkyards, with batteries and motors quite readily available. But using all these resources to convert classic cars or whatever crap you have parked in your garage, is not allowed. A law was passed a few years ago that makes it virtually impossible to register an EV that isn’t a factory produced and tested product*. That’s a terrible piece of legislation really holding back the ingenuity, joy, and industrial preservation that I see in the above photos. I’m jealous – great gathering you guys hot up and running there!

    1. We are already talking about doing more. Everyone who attended was asking about “the next one” which is a great sign…

      And me being me, I want to have an EV Burnout comp. With that award sponsored by Hooniverse or a tire company or both, haha.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, it looks like that Corvair was completely the highlight of this, although it’s neat an early RAV4 EV showed up too.

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