Automotive Flash Card Book for Kids

Tyra Banks, Dolly Parton, Terrell Owens, Madonna, Prince Charles, Jimmy Buffet, Glenn Beck, Bill Cosby, Spike Lee, Tim McGraw, Jamie Lee Curtis, Billy Crystal. Other than being some kind of pop-culture celebrities, they have seemingly nothing in common. Except the fact that they all wrote children’s books. Apparently writing a children’s book adds another minute to their fifteen, or perhaps allows you influence young minds, or just simply pays well.

Not to be outdone, internet sensation and friend-of-Hooniverse, DCAutoGeek, has also created a children’s book. Based on a typical set of flashcards, this e-book (what, you don’t have an iPad yet?) teaches the alphabet and the very basics of Automotives 101. Very cool. Go through the book after the jump.

This gave me an idea too…


…Perhaps we could create a Hooniverse version of it? The Weird & Obscure, The Children’s Guide to Advanced Automotives. Examples:

  • A-Auburn, Austin, or Alfa Romeo,
  • B– Bristol, Beta
  • C– Citroen, Cosmo, Capri

Hooniverse, if you write it (in comments), we will make it!


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