This R8 5.2 FSI Video Review Brings the Funny

Keep clicking play… or hop the jump for the actual video.

Let’s get one thing straight – here at Hooniverse, we love us some weirdly-mustachioed LA nut job Lieberman. His reviews are honest and well written and they are usually filled with fantastic visual accompaniment thanks to Drew Phillips.  On top of that, he is genuinely a good guy – provided you are not at a LeMons race and have just pulled into the penalty box for passing on yellow for the 30th time today.
Today however, we are filled with major jealousy at the video (located after the jumparoo) we found ourselves watching. Jonny does his best Matt Farah impersonation and spends some seat time in the instant enzyte that is the 2010 Audi R8 5.2 V10.
Clearly someone was a good boy this Christmas Chaunakah, kudos to Jonny and to the Smoking Tire team as well for an excellent video.
[Source: Smoking Tire via Autoblog]

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