Audi claims its Q8 takes styling cues from the Ur-Quattro

The new Audi Q8 is a flagship crossover that boasts the automaker’s latest tech bits and styling. This means a cockpit laden with the latest MMI infotainment system, crisp displays, a gorgeous gauge cluster, and tech designed to make your life easier when you’re in your vehicle. On the design front this means looking forward… while remembering and paying close attention to the past.

Believe it or not, Audi has taken a few styling cues from its legendary Quattro coupe and applied them to the skin of the Q8.

This is most notable in the fenders. The box flares of the rally-bred beauty have become blister flares on the Q8. You can see the familial links. Out back, there’s a strip of black under the full-length taillight setup of the Q8. This again links to the tail of the Quattro. The clearest link, however, resides in the C and D pillars. The shape, angle, and cut of both appear extremely related.

Now, you may not love the idea of a sporty crossover. But the Q8 is just that. And if it can take and apply design cues from a real deal sports car legend, then that’s something we can get behind. Not surprisingly, the UrG Audi is getting its due in the value department too. If you think vintage 911s from the 80s are expensive, take a look at what people want for Group B road car dreams. The example above? Audi plucked it from its private collection. It’s a clean example with some real-world bumps spotted if you look close enough, and it’s worth over $200k.

Maybe less, now that my ass has been in it.

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