Atlanta's Caffeine and Octane Comes to The Velocity Channel

Caffeine and Octane, Atlanta’s very own monthly Sunday morning car show, is getting an eight episode series on The Velocity Channel starting February 19th. It’s a show that brings the diverse collection of cars, their wonderful owners, and their stories to the some 66 million households that had no choice but to buy the TV package which also gave them Velocity. The first trailer for Caffeine and Octane was released on Caffeine and Octane’s Facebook page last night and it looks like it’ll be a faithful representation of the car show I love dearly.
I’ve been going to Caffeine and Octane shows *almost* every month since late 2009, back when it was located in a relatively small shopping center with room for maybe a few hundred cars. Now it’s at Atlanta’s second-largest mall and there’s barely enough room for it. On a day with decent weather, they easily draw well around a thousand cars and thousands more visitors of all ages. And I guess it’s now officially the nation’s largest monthly car show, but it hasn’t lost its diversity or friendliness.
Some of my favorite builds from Caffeine and Octane have been featured here before, like the first and last customer-delivered Lexus LF-As, a Ford Escort RS Cosworth wearing a Martini livery, a Datsun 280ZX powered by an APU off a military aircraft, and that famous motorcycle that Chuck Beck built around a Lamborghini Espada’s V12.
If you want more of that, I highly recommend catching this series if you can. If you’re ever in the Atlanta area on the first Sunday of any given month, make time to visit Caffeine and Octane at Perimeter Mall. Otherwise, I guess this TV series will be the next best thing. It debuts on The Velocity Channel at 9:00 am on Sunday, February 19th.
[Source: Caffeine and Octane]

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