Aston Martin to apply its wings to a motorcycle for the first time ever

Aston Martin are teaming up with storied British bike builders Brough Superior. The pair will collaborate on a motorcycle that’s yet to fully be revealed, but this marks the first time Aston’s wings will officially appear on a two-wheeled machine.

The two companies were founded quite a long time ago. Aston Martin dates back to 1913 and Brough Superior started in 1919. Both faced tough times along the way, with Brough Superior fading away after the death of its founder in 1970. The motorcycle brand has since been revived and is building new bikes with old-school style.

Based on the silhouette in the image above, it looks like more style will be interjected with the help of Aston Martin. The new bike will be unveiled at the Milan Motorbike Show on November 5th. It will be a limited-production run. It will probably be quite expensive. And it should be pretty damn cool looking as well.

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3 responses to “Aston Martin to apply its wings to a motorcycle for the first time ever”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    Perfect static garage decoration for the discerning squillionaire.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    If a motorcycle goes fast enough to benefit from wings, I sure as hell wouldn’t get on it. High-speed bikes don’t require balls so much as a death wish.

    1. Troggy Avatar

      I’m guessing that ‘wings’ refers to the Aston Martin badge, rather than styling/aero.

      And I’m never sure why any motorbike would want wings when their coefficient of drag is already so poor. And accidental wheelies at speed would cause air to catch the underside of the wing, generate lift and you go from rider to pilot to passenger to victim all in the space of .0001 seconds.

      My guess is that Ducati are merely trolling the other manufacturers. Italian race teams seem to love the game of making people guess whether something is a styling element or functional device. Given the sometimes lack of any functional devices on Italian machinery sometimes, I’d say the former.

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