Aston Martin Shows F1 Pride with Red Bull Racing Edition Vantage

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing have been enjoying an “innovation partnership” for the last few years, and quite frankly, so have we. While the once dominant F1 team isn’t racing with V12s and British Racing Green paint in competition (though it would be cool), their best minds did come together to create the AM-RB 001 which is still under development.
Today though, Aston Martin revealed the Red Bull Racing Edition V8 and V12 Vantage S to help cheer on their BFFs ahead of the 2017 F1 season. If you’re the kind of F1 fan that does a shoey every time Ricciardo wins, here’s your Aston.

The Red Bull Racing Edition is available on both the V8 and V12-powered Vantage S models and only adds a range of cosmetic features for the most devoted F1 fans. But don’t worry, the naturally-aspirated 4.7-liter V8 and 6.0-liter V12 will sound better than any of the current F1 cars anyway.
Inspired by Red Bull Racing’s now famous livery, each of these special Vantages will be coated with a deep Mariana Blue paint finish as standard but gloss Tungsten Silver or satin Mariana Blue exteriors are also available.

Each car regardless of color will also feature a carbon fiber front splitter, diffuser, grille, and side strakes. Adding a bit of Red Bull Racing flair is a red infill on the carbon grille and yellow brake calipers, but it seems you can get that color combo reversed. One final exterior enhancement is a Red Bull Racing logo imprinted on the carbon side strakes.

Inside, carbon fiber trim inlays, red and yellow stitching, and a color-coded leather steering wheel with a 12 o’clock stripe continue the racing theme. The headrests also have Red Bull Racing embroidery. Customers can also choose to have their sill and final inspection plaques signed by either Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen. That means buying an Aston Martin is probably the cheapest way to get an F1 driver’s autograph.

Deliveries will commence Q2 this year. No word on pricing or how many are being built yet, so those interested should reach out to their friendly neighborhood Aston Martin dealerships.
[Source: Aston Martin]

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