Aston Martin has hit the rest button on its V12-packing DB11. The updated version is called the AMR, and it’s received adjustments to the engine, exhaust, steering response, suspension, and stability control.
There’s more horsepower (630 hp) from the 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12, and there’s also more noise. An ever slightly stiffer front roll bar dials in a dash more response from the nose while revised suspension damping flattens rear roll.
This is the DB11 V12 that Aston Martin should’ve launched with from the get to, but the car rides on a brand new platform and it comes with a learning curve. A curve that’s been aggressively tweaked thanks to former Lotus chassis tuning boss Matt Becker.
In short, Aston Martin looked at the issues from the first run on the DB11 V12 and fixed them. Thus we’ve arrived at the DB11 AMR… a smarter, sharper, louder, more focused grand tourer that’s still dripping with style and luxury.
Now it’s just got a bit more bite to go with its improved bark.
[Disclaimer: Aston Martin put me on six planes in total to get me to Germany to drive the car. There were hotels, food, and drink along the way.]