Art and the Acura ZDX

Rob and I were recently invited to attend a launch party for the all-new Acura ZDX. The vehicle is making a seven-city tour across the United States. Also part of the event is the photographic art of Erik Madigan Heck. The Los Angeles event took place at the brand new W hotel, so Rob and I car-pooled to the event arriving to the valet court in Hooniverse-style in a Hurst Camaro. How does the car look in person? How was Mr. Madigan Hecks artwork? How out of place were Rob and I? Read on friends. First off, the car looks better in person than it does in pictures. I am not saying it looks great, but it has some excellent lines when you get up close. The interior felt comfortable and the back seat leg room is surprisingly adequate. Obviously we didn’t get a chance to fire the vehicle up and  destroy some expensive W carpeting, but no one typically complains about an Acura powertrain. The ZDX is fitted with a 300 hp 3.7L V6 engine and comes standard with the Super Handling all-wheel drive system. It is essentially a Japanese BMW X6 with a touch less ugly. The other star of the show was Eric Madigan Heck who was displaying some pretty excellent photographic artwork. He pieces were full of vibrant colors which actually stood in stark contrast to the dark colored Acuras; one parked outside by valet and one located inside the party so people could spill crumbs of delicious food and their drinks on it.

I call this one "Rob enjoying art"…
Rob and I enjoyed our selves at this event. It was in a swanky hotel in Hollywood and we were surround by free booze and food swanky people. We thought we would see some celebrities but we didn’t see any and left fairly early because we had to wake up for the Jeep/Infiniti comparison drive (stay tuned hoons). That however was our biggest mistake of the night. Here is a photo of the host of the party:
It's good to be an artist…
On the right is host Ali Larter, in the middle is artist Eric Madigan Heck, and on the left is actress Elizabeth Rohm. We didn’t see them at all and I am going to cry into my Guinness today. All told, Rob and I had a great time and I know I was pleasantly surprised by the ZDX in person. Here is a slideshow of my (somewhat blurry) art from the … uh, art show:

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