Announcing…Italian Week!

If it's on Jersey Shore, it ain't coming through the door.
So I’ve finally wiped the cannoli stains off my hands and dug through the 1.21 jiggawatts gigabytes of photos secreted from the Hooniverse European Offices (a sketchy Internet Cafe with a homeless guy who smelled like vinegar and Lamisil) to bring you an entire week of basil/Parmigiano-Reggiano-scented content! I’ll be showcasing all my findings from my recent trip to Italy. Like a visit to the home of Ducati Motorcycles in Bologna. Or an auto parts store in Rome that won’t stock plastic hood scoops for your Tiburon. A Fiat Abarth brochure, circa 1960—I hear Fiats are big there, or something. And lastly, a pilgrimage to Sant’Agata Bolognese, a city that needs no introduction: always root for the underdog! And there will be no spicy meatballs, it’sa me Marios, Ed Hardys, Saturday Night Fevers, offers you can’t refuse, or accordions playing the Godfather theme. But there will be Vespas. Oh yes. Lots of them.

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