An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: A Stroll Through Bus_Plunge's Miniature Barn

So continuing on with this Unexpected Road Trip Adventure, I thought we might take a stroll through my brother, Bus_Plunge’s, miniature barn he has resting comfortably in his backyard. It is crammed full of all sorts of cool stuff with tools and the odd diecast or tin type on the first floor while the upstairs is devoted almost exclusively to diecasts and models. Now please note my fellow Hoons, these are the part of his collection he keeps in the barn. The uber cool 1:24 scale diecasts are reserved for that special room his Prvt RN actually lets him have inside the house. Of course, this olelongrooffan thought this Kingswood was one of the coolest vehicles in this collection. But there are more, many more, after the jump.

While NotSoLilJim, Bus_Plunge’s son, likes to build models almost completely straight up stock, Bus_Plunge is all about kit bashing. When we toured his inside the house collection, he showed this olelongrooffan a bunch of diecast Franklin Mint car haulers he stole off ebay and bashed them into some kick ass replicas of car carriers from back in the 50’s. They are super cool and will grace these pages in the near future.
But today, we Hoons aren’t in the house, we are in the barn checking out all of the cool stuff he parks there. A lot of the stuff he hoards possesses is still in the original package. Yeah, entire collections of replica Tonka miniatures are surrounded by other, equally as cool, stuff.
And check out this collection my fellow Hoons. I can’t even begin to describe all of the trucks Bus_Plunge has on this table but believe you me, he has a story for every single one of them. “Now this truck? I got this truck….”
And it is not just some generic Tonka replicas he has. I mean, when was the last time any of my fellow Hoons spotted a diecast Gremlin? And he doesn’t have just one like this.
This diecast was of a pretty cool 1:1 truck from back in the day. It is a mid fifties Mercury inside a glass trailer that FOMOCO toted around the country for a buying public to see, lust after but not touch. And Richard Petty.
This old King Size sand truck could have been in the possession of this olelongrooffan was I was a mere whippersnapper. Although I would suspect mine died a slow death at the hands of a rock and a staged “accident.”
This collection of partially kit bashed trucks started off in the garage of this olelongrooffan in Slocala, Florida many moons ago, made its way to a garage in the Birthplace of Speed and then ended up in the attic of Bus_Plunge’s barn smack dab in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. This olelongrooffan had completely forgotten about them.
And of course, Bus_Plunge would have an assortment of VDubs of the same era he owned back in the day, just subsequent to his military collection and prior to his collection of Advanced Design trucks.
A Jeep Wagoneer, an A100 pickup and a Citroen longroof? Only in this collection would that combination be seen. Also, is that an out of focus TopKick to the left in the background?
And similar to that Mercury, this is an anniversary edition Chevrolet under the glass of that vintage old trailer. And another in the box car carrier to boot. Cheerios..good for you Mmmm.
I always thought these old European carnival trucks are cool as all get out. I might even take a tractor toting a camper one of these in place of a GMC Motorhome. Maybe.
Bus_Plunge’s daughter’s name is Sara Lee and Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee?
This is the one that got away. This olelongrooffan paid way to much money for this old Westie on the bay that is E and given my mediocre model building talents, I asked thejeepjunkie to assemble it for me. Well it turns out he wasn’t all that interested in finalizing its construction and it has been relegated to Bus_Plunge’s attic, at least for the time being.
And while this olelongrooffan was unable to escape from that barn with the Kingswood in tow, Bus_Plunge did provide me with a few souvenirs to display on the dash of my longerroof.
Stay Hooned, Paris Springs Junction is just around the corner.
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2015/longrooffan

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10 responses to “An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: A Stroll Through Bus_Plunge's Miniature Barn”

  1. stigshift Avatar

    I’ve been looking for that ’64 Ford and the ’69 Kingswood for over a year. With zero, zilch, nada, zip for luck… Any idea where to find them? Besides Bus_Plunge’s barn, that is…

  2. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    On this side of the world, ‘Kingswood’ means something entirely different, although still GM.
    The Holden Kingswood was the ‘standard’ mid range model of the sedan/wagon/ute between the base ‘Belmont’ and the luxury ‘Premier’ on Holdens between ’68 to ’84. I personally think that the very popular HQ ’71-’74 model is one of the best styled ranges of cars ever made.—1971-Kingswood-4.jpg

  3. mve Avatar

    Enjoying these posts, longroof. Enjoy Paris Springs. When are you headed down there?

  4. bus plunge Avatar
    bus plunge

    “While NotSoLilJim, Bus_Plunge’s son, likes to build models almost completely straight up stock, Bus_Plunge is all about kit bashing. ” NotSoLilJim actually finishes what he starts….me, well that’s another story.. In my mind I’m a dang fine modeler… In reality I make Longrooffan’s attempts look factory.

    1. stigshift Avatar

      I have a completely unbuilt ’60 Plymouth JoHan kit…

  5. Guest Avatar

    “I mean, when was the last time any of my fellow Hoons spotted a diecast Gremlin?”

    Actually, not that long ago. For some reason, my younger brother, who normally appreciates cars that are a little too new and popular for my tastes, has love of all things AMC, with his favourite being the Gremlin.

    This is why he has a number of Gremlin models combined with a few Pacers, AMXs, and Javelins. This is also why I search “AMC Diecast” a lot around Christmas and his birthday.

    1. dukeisduke Avatar

      I have a Pacer that I built (MPC, I think), and an unbuilt Jo-Han S/C Rambler kit.

  6. dukeisduke Avatar

    Wow, a miniature ’69 Kingswood Estate, with the hideaway headlight option? Mind.Blown. As a nine-year-old, I was stuck in an after school daycare for about six months (before I became a latchkey kid). The owners would give some of us a ride home (it was waaaaaaaay too far to walk), and they had a brand new ’69 (minus the hideaways). To this day, I can still remember Brasil ’66 playing on the 8-track in that thing.

  7. dukeisduke Avatar

    The “Auto World” packaging – that isn’t Oscar Kovaleski’s Auto World in Michigan, is it? I used to get their catalogs when I was a kid.

  8. Spridget Avatar

    Longroofian, you should post this on Live and Let Diecast, Jalopnik/Oppo/Kinja’s diecast subblog. There are a lot of people who would be interested in this over there!

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