An old style returns to our t-shirt lineup – Mechanics Only is back!

We found the logo buried somewhere in the bowels of our crap-can BMW 6-series “race car”. It basically said, visually, that you shouldn’t be working on this part unless you’re a mechanic. We find that hilarious and curious at the same time, and we loved the logo enough to turn it into a t-shirt design back on Hooniverse v1.0.

Now that we’re working working with the good people of Blipshift, we’re bringing that one back. Say hello to our updated version of the Mechanics Only t-shirt:

Mechanics Only t-shirt

This is a return to an old design, but we’re also cooking up some fresh stuff as well. We’re working with Blipshift on bringing a few ideas to light, and it should all be coming together soon. For now though, we’ve got the Mechanics Only and Logo shirts in the store. And there are some great stickers as well.

If you’ve got a few bucks burning a hole in your e-Pocket, we’d love for you to send them our way (and Blips too, of course).

Any other designs you’d like to see turned into shirts? If you have a good idea sound off below. If it’s something we use, we’ll send you a shirt as thanks.

Update: Well, I’m apparently getting old and can’t remember shit – here’s the real story:

Ahem. Please give credit to the correct folks here. I saw this logo on Hooniverse a long while back. You ran a photo of some sort of euro-car-parts carton with this on the carton. I loved the design, lifted it out of your photo with my marginal photoshop skills, cleaned it up and made a small poster for a wrencher-friend. I then sent it to you unencumbered suggesting that it would make a good T-shirt. When you made the V1.0 shirt, you did send me one. Albeit in the wrong size. I gave it once again to my wrencher-friend.

And, that’s the real story.


My apologies for the foggy memory. I truly thought it came from our BMW.

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